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7 Questions You Need To Ask About Your ECommerce Website

7 Questions You Need To Ask About Your eCommerce Site

Now more than ever, eCommerce has become a major success factor in business entrepreneurship. People love being able to access their favorite brands quickly, efficiently, and from the comfort of their own home. But if you think your online store is ready to go by simply creating a website, you're cutting yourself short.

Have you ever visited a blog or business page and felt the theme didn't portray the company, the color scheme made context difficult to read, or even thought, “Wow, this needs work?” If you fail to acknowledge these said traits in your own site, you could be pushing clients away because, believe it or not, design is just as important as convenience. So how do you ensure your e-commerce site is providing your customers with everything they need? Ask yourself these 7 questions.

1. Is Navigation Easy and Helpful? 

If your menu options are confusing and hard to locate, people will only become frustrated and exit your site. You want to make sure your navigation options are understandable and in plain sight. Also, allow customers to save time finding what they're looking for by providing a search bar along with the ability to refine their options.

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2. Is Your Product Description Clear? 

A brief explanation of your product is better than none, but always be as informative as possible. Conjure an irresistible way to tell the buyer why they need the product, list what it's made of, capable of, and what's not included if it needs an add-on. Clearly display everything necessary in order to give them a completely satisfying experience, including if the product is currently sold out.

3. Do You Include Testimonials or Reviews? 

Nothing quite turns an interest into a sale like testimonial videos. People want to see for themselves how products work for others to ensure they're investing in a high quality item before they buy it. By adding a testimonial clip and posting customer reviews to your product preview page, you can easily increase sales in a fun, productive, way.

4. Have You Added a Selection of Items Also Bought? 

How do you keep people busy on your site as well as increase profits? You keep them browsing! Show them products others have purchased when they bought a specific item a customer seems interested in.

5. Is Your Design Clean?

 Simplicity is key when it comes to your layout. Too much going on in the background is distracting and crazy fonts are sometimes unrecognizable. Choosing a clean, white background with a dark-colored, readable text is the best go-to. It may not sound thrilling, but it'll keep their attention precisely where you want it.

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6. Are There Plenty of Photographs? 

Product photography is essential to every business. Customers require a visual before even considering an investment, but not only is it important to give them that, images make a website more exciting. So go beyond photographing every angle of your product by providing a homepage image of your products in use or your company logo.

7. Did You Add a Personal Touch? 

Your site should give your target audience a feel of who you are as a company. This is not to say branding is the most important component of your site, far from it. Your site is your online store front and should possess all of the above functionality components. But that being said, when you look at your site, do you feel like it gives off the right vibe for your business? Are you informative, helpful, clear, and provide the right amount of visuals to justify your brand's image?

Just like with any aspect of your business, taking time to plan and fully commit will only increase your success. So don't go easy on yourself, ask the tough questions and commit to correcting them, then reap the benefits.

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