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How To: Amazon Image Optimisation

If you are actively selling on eBay marketplaces, you would have already made the necessary changes to your listing images to comply with eBay’s new image standards that took effect on the 30th October.

Coincidentally Amazon are currently informing sellers where they feel their images are non-compliant, and are giving just 14 days to make them compliant before taking punitive action, which may include terminating those listings. A large proportion of our subscribers are multi-channel online sellers that are listing on both eBay and Amazon – We trust that with the eBay changes, you took the opportunity to use optimised images across both platforms. Failure to comply could also result in suspension of your Amazon seller account.

For those of you who are not familiar with the new eBay image standards - Please read our extensive guide on Image Optimisation.

14 days isn't a great amount of time, especially for sellers with a larger quantity of stock items, why not outsource the work required?

With our partners, RemoveTheBackGround, It’s never been easier to get professional–looking, well optimised product images that comply with both eBay and Amazon’s image requirements. With the Linnworks integration, you are able to get your product images optimised, and your listings updated without even leaving our software.


Remove The Background is the leading background removal service for online retailers. They actively work 24/7 to ensure that their customers get perfect product images for their site. This service can also be used to optimise stock images for the purpose of listing on multiple marketplaces. To help you get started for less, RemoveTheBackground are offering an exclusive deal for Linnworks users. Furthermore you are welcome to try their Free Trial.

Do you think 14 days is a feasible amount of time for you to make adjustments to all of your stock images? Your feedback is more than welcome.


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