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How To: Shipping Management in Linnworks

Artem Verovenko | January 28, 2013 | Comments

Shipping Management in Linnworks

Shipping Management in Linnworks: How to achieve a smooth flow when printing Shipping Labels.

In order to print the correct shipping label for an order in Linnworks, you should ensure that you understand, and have implemented, the correct settings between the Shipping Service, the Order and the Channel Integration.

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Introducing Magento Multi Store

Artem Verovenko | December 28, 2012 | Comments

Magento allows for a great deal of customisation in how you interact with your customers. At its most simple, you can run a single store on your Magento website, as a single language and brand. You install Magento once, setup your listings and link them in Linnworks, and Linnworks returns the appropriate information about Available Stock Levels and Shipping details. You can also run multiple websites, each on its own server or web space, each handling a single store and language.

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Bulk Listing with LinnLive 2

Artem Verovenko | November 26, 2012 | Comments

Bulk Listing

LinnLive 2 listing tool

The LinnLive2 listing tool is the latest version of the popular extension for Linnworks Anywhere. Its basic function is to enable the listing of products on multiple web channels using a single point of management. By employing templates, the listings are made as simple as possible and can be used to market products on, for example, eBay, Magento and Amazon. LinnLive configurators make it possible to flexibly work with the product metadata, including descriptions and other specifications, such as the price, colour and brand. These management functions are available centrally from a browser.

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How To: eBay Extraction Tool

Artem Verovenko | October 24, 2012 | Comments

eBay Extraction Tool

eBay extraction tool

Linnworks has recently announced the release of the eBay extraction tool. Located within the Linnworks software, it enables the creation of items using listings on an eBay channel. The tool is just one of many functions designed to automate the task of online trading.

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Leading eBay Store Design with Frootion

Artem Verovenko | October 24, 2012 | Comments

eBay Store Design

Announced today, Frooition the world’s leading eBay store design company and our great friends have just launched the world’s first eBay store design solution which empowers sellers to create and update their own professional eBay store!

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3P Logistics: “Linnworks has proved a great fit on all counts”

Artem Verovenko | October 24, 2012 | Comments

3P Logistics

“The inclusion of the Linnworks platform into our standard operating spec has significantly increased automation and levels of efficiency. We needed to provide our clients with a cost effective and simple route to multi-channel whilst ensuring our business remains scalable.”

Ian Walker, 3P Logistics Ltd, Managing Director

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