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A Complete List Of Online Marketplaces Across The Globe

Online marketplaces are incredibly popular selling channels amongst consumers across the globe, often providing you, as an online seller, with a platform to reach an extensive, ready-to-buy customer base. The problem, however, is that it can be difficult to identify which ones are a good fit for your business.

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Whether you’re looking to sell domestically or internationally, or are simply looking for a list of sites like eBay and Amazon, we have put together a complete list of online marketplaces that we believe have the potential to help you successfully expand your reach, test new markets and ultimately grow your business. 

We’ve also provided some of the key information that you need to be aware of, including the countries each marketplace is present in, the commission structure and any other relevant seller fees.

Have we missed any?

Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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UK Online Marketplaces

The UK is one of the world’s largest eCommerce markets, with a value of £133 billion, so it is certainly one worth focusing on. Below, we have outlined some of the UK’s biggest online marketplaces, that we believe will give you the exposure and reach you need to sell domestically.



Thanks to its global presence, increasing popularity and extensive reach, Amazon is a great marketplace to list your products on. With annual sales hitting over £6 billion in the UK alone, it provides a significant opportunity for you to generate more custom and ultimately grow your business.

Amazon also operates a highly successful fulfilment service, Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA), which enables merchants to reach the marketplaces most active and loyal customer base – Amazon Prime users.

While Amazon is one of the biggest marketplaces in the UK, do also keep in mind that they operate international sites in 13 other countries worldwide. In fact, at our last Linn Academy event, Amazon’s John Barlow outlined the exact process for expanding onto their international marketplaces and growing your business in Europe.

Interested in selling on Amazon? Make sure you familiarise yourself with their seller fees and commission structure. If you’re already active on the marketplace, find out our proven best practices for growing your business on Amazon.



Another marketplace that online sellers see a lot of success on is eBay. Like Amazon, the eBay marketplace has a worldwide presence, a huge customer base and a significant amount of tools and support to help online retailers successfully grow their business.

eBay also offer various programmes for international selling, which you can learn more about here. Their international fulfilment service, eBay Global Shipping Programme (GSP), also enables sellers in both the UK and US to sell to international buyers, without the hassle and risk of dealing with the processes that come from cross-border selling.

eBay sellers will also have the option to open an eBay Shop (subscription fees starting from £19.99) to benefit from better branding opportunities and merchandising tools, amongst other things. Already selling on eBay and keen to sell more? We’ve put together a dedicated guide, completely free of charge!

Game Marketplace

Selling on Game

If you sell products in either the gaming, media, computer hardware or toys and collectables sector, you should definitely consider selling on the GAME Marketplace.

Despite being a relatively new marketplace, the GAME brand itself is huge which is supporting GAME Marketplace’s rapid growth. In fact, they have already seen a 250% year-on-year increase in sales, and are processing 12,000 orders each month from 250 retailers, so it really is one that you should be considering.

What’s also great is that there are no set-up costs, listing fees or subscription fees, and the only charges are their commission rates which are competitively priced. They will also provide dedicated support during your on-boarding process, not to mention extra promotion of your products through their marketing activities.

If you're interested in selling on the GAME Marketplace, you can register your interest here.


Selling on Fruugo

Fruugo’s customer base spans 23 different countries and has the ability to automatically translate your product listings into 11 languages, making it an extremely popular choice for sellers looking to reach international markets.

Specifically, UK-based Fruugo is a great fit for retailers across most industries, with product categories ranging from clothing to home & garden, right through to health and beauty and consumer electronics. In addition, there are not monthly fees or listing fees, simply a 15% commission charged on each sale.


Selling on Flubit

Flubitdubbed as the British alternative to Amazon, is another great marketplace to consider if you sell in the UK.

Despite having operated a private-discount service model for around five years, Flubit have more recently re-launched as a fully-fledged marketplace.

What’s great is that, just like before, Flubit still won’t charge any fees or commission to sell on their marketplace and will continue to offer lucrative prices to buyers. Just like other marketplaces, users will be able to search for items they are looking for and make an immediate purchase, however they will also be able to search for an item by entering an Amazon URL.


Selling on OnBuy

Since launching in 2016, OnBuy has become one of the fastest growing online marketplaces in the UK. With a product catalogue covering almost every category, from health & beauty and clothing, right through to car parts, technology and collectables, there's a good chance that OnBuy could be a great fit for your online business.

In fact, with a national TV campaign and extremely competitive rates, it really is a marketplace you should be considering if you want to increase your domestic sales.

It's also worth keeping in mind that OnBuy offers two seller accounts - Standard Seller (starting at as little as £19 per month) and Partner (£89 per month). While both accounts offer unlimited product listings, the latter option does also provide you with a dedicated Account Manager, access to adverts and prominent listing placement. 

OnBuy are also the first marketplace in the UK since eBay, to accept PayPal as a payment method, as well as PayPal cards and PayPal credit, something that could be a huge selling point for your customers.

European Online Marketplaces

Thanks to the UK’s close proximity to mainland Europe, it is relatively simple for sellers to target European customers and ship to these markets. You can learn more about the top marketplaces in this region below.


Selling on Allegro

As one of the top online marketplaces in Eastern Europe and the fifth largest in Europe as a whole, Allegro is a great site to sell on if you looking to expand in this market.

Operating from Poland, Allegro has more than 14 million customers, 90% of which regularly purchase from the marketplace. In addition to this, thanks to its close proximity to additional Eastern Europe markets, it also make it a great option for growth in this region.

Ultimately, there are a number of benefits to selling on Allegro, including marketing and advertising support, a dedicated support agent, as well as their dedicated seller Brand Zone.

It is worth noting, however, that all listings must be translated into Polish, which may come at an additional cost to your business.

If you're a UK seller considering selling on Allegro, keep in mind that the Department of International Trade offer reduced marketplace rates for this and many other marketplaces.


Selling on Cdiscount

Cdiscount is one of the most visited eCommerce websites in France, with around 11 million unique visitors to the site every month.

Overall, the marketplace offers a wide range of products in over 40 different categories, including fashion, shoes & accessories, consumer electronics, entertainment and sports equipment, making it a great platform for any retailer looking to expand their business in the French market.

Cdiscount also has a well-developed distribution network, with over 18,500 pickup points throughout the country, as well as their own fulfilment service, Cdiscount Fulfilment, and competitive fees and lucrative payment terms.

Want to learn more? We’ve teamed up with Cdiscount themselves to bring you everything you need to know about selling on this French marketplace!


Selling on FNAC

FNAC is another great French marketplace and, similar to sites such as eBay and Amazon, it allows retailers to list products within a wide range of categories including consumer electronics, media products, sports and leisure equipment and home appliances.

With upwards of 15 million unique visitors to the site every month, as well as a number of other seller benefits, including sales and marketing assistance and technical support, it really is a marketplace you should be considering.

To help you successfully sell into France, we have outlined some key facts and best practices for selling in this market.


Selling on OTTO marketplace

After Amazon, OTTO is the second biggest eCommerce company in Germany, selling more than two million products from over 5,000 sellers. 

As a specialist fashion and lifestyle marketplace, OTTO is an incredibly popular selling site to consider if you sell in either of these verticals. What's also great about OTTO, is that while their main focus is on the German and French markets, they do in fact have a global presence, selling into over 20 different countries.

We’ve put together some best practices for selling into the German market, which you can read here!


Selling on Pixmania

Pixmania is one of the leading online marketplaces in France, attracting almost 8 million visitors each month. Its reach does, however, extend beyond France, allowing merchants to sell into 13 other European countries including the UK, Spain, Italy, Germany and Poland.

Overall, the marketplace focuses on hi-tech goods, such as cameras, video, computing, home appliances, toys & gadgets and watches. Some other notable benefits to selling on Pixmania include their ultra-secure payment system and 46 payment options for your customers.


Selling on Price Minister Marketplace

Part of the Rakuten group, PriceMinister is another incredibly popular marketplace in France. Specifically, the site welcomes over 9 million active users every month, and boasts 22 million members. 

As with several of the other French marketplaces, PriceMinister-Rakuten does extend its reach beyond France, with 6% of their customer base coming from countries including Belgium, Switzerland and Canada.

With regards to its product offering, the marketplace covers almost every type of product category, making it a direct competitor of There are also a number of benefits to sellers, including the ability to brand and customise your store, as well as access to both marketing tools and a consultant with expertise in your industry. 1,200 PX

With over 2.6 million customers, (more recently known as Hitmeister) is one of the most popular marketplaces in Germany. Specifically, sells products across a wide range of categories, from electronics, right through to clothing & accessories and DIY goods.

Another benefit of selling on this marketplace is that they don’t charge listing fees, and they provide their customers with exceptional customer service (which is a great reflection on your business), as well as legal seller protection and various payment options.

US Online Marketplaces


Selling on Etsy Marketplace

With a global reach and active user base, Etsy is a great platform to consider if you sell handmade or vintage goods. Specifically, the niche marketplace has over 25 million shoppers, serviced by around 1.6 million worldwide sellers.

While there is no monthly membership fee for selling on the Etsy marketplace, there is a charge of $0.20 per listing, as well as a 3.5% commission charged on each item sold.

Already selling on Etsy? Take a look at this to learn how you can get even more from your Etsy store and more importantly grow your business!

Selling on Jet marketplace

Despite still being a relatively new marketplace, has already seen huge success, becoming one of the fastest growing marketplaces in the US. In fact, the site is expected to generate $20 billion in GMV by 2020.

As a seller, the only fee you will incur is a flat 15% commission rate for the majority of product categories, making it an extremely competitive marketplace. The challenge, however, is in getting accepted as a merchant. Specifically, you will need to apply to become a retail partner, which can be a lengthy process in itself.

The fact that Jet have also recently been acquired by Walmart further highlights the growth opportunities for this marketplace, making it one to seriously consider if you are looking to expand into the US market. 


Selling on Newegg Marketplace

If you’re a computer hardware seller, Newegg may be a great fit for your business. Do note that the marketplace does also sell products from categories including consumer electronics, gaming, apparel, sporting equipment and even homeware.

As a Newegg seller, you can expect competitive commission fees, which range from 8-15% depending on your product category, and as a US-based company it could be a great alternative if you’re looking to expand into this market. 

Have a watch of our webinar recording to learn how to sell more in the US with Newegg.


Selling on Sears Marketplace

If you are looking to reach a US customer base, Sears is a great alternative to selling on and Similar to both, Sears has an extensive product offering, selling anything from fitness equipment, clothing and jewellery, right through to tools and kitchen appliances.

Sears do charge a monthly fee of $39.99 (unless your sales are lower than $400 per month), as well as a 2.5% interchange fee and a commission fee on each sale made.

Like several of the other marketplaces, Sears also operate a fulfilment service known as Fulfilled by Sears. With this option, sellers benefit from 24/7 customer support, as well as flexible payment terms thanks to their pay-as-you-go pricing model.

Selling on Walmart Marketplace

Walmart is one of the largest marketplaces in the US, with as many as 110 million unique monthly visitors.

While the Walmart marketplace has previously been available only to US-based sellers, they are beginning to open the doors to sellers in the UK, Canada and China. That said, this is still by invitation-only. 

So what exactly does it take to be a seller on this marketplace?

Walmart specifically look for reputable brands and retailers that offer exceptional customer service, a wide product assortment, reliable fulfilment and competitive pricing. 

It is worth keeping in mind, however, that there are certain requirements for successful international sellers and they must:

  • Have a US entity (including a US W9 tax ID and mailing address)
  • Be able to ship from a US warehouse (excluding FBA)
  • Have an international returns address
Asia-Pacific Marketplace

Asia-Pacific remains the world’s largest eCommerce market, with sales expected to exceed $1 trillion by the end of 2016. This is largely due to expanding middle classes, increasing mobile and internet adoption and improved infrastructure and logistics network.

Below, you will find some of the largest marketplaces across this region.


Selling on Flipkart

With the Indian eCommerce market growing at a rapid rate, it is certainly worth focusing your attention on the country’s largest online marketplace, Flipkart.

The site covers a wide range of product categories, including electronics, fashion, homeware and sports equipment, in fact they have over 65% market share in many of them.

Getting started on Flipkart is fairly easy for international sellers and the only real requirement is that you will need a local address to handle returns. For more information on managing international returns, I would highly recommend that you read this article. By selling on the Flipkart marketplace, you will also have the option to pay for merchandising packages, for additional brand exposure.

JD Worldwide

Selling on JD Worldwide Marketplace

JD Worldwide is a cross-border eCommerce site that offers a relatively simple way for merchants to sell into the Chinese market. Specifically, the site operates two separate models – the reseller model and platform (marketplace) model. With the first option, JD Worldwide will purchase your inventory from you and resell it to Chinese consumers and with the latter option, you can host your products on their platform and pay a commission on each sale you make (2-10% depending on your product category).

While you will also be charged a $1,000 USD annual fee for selling on JD Worldwide, the good news is that you don’t need to have a legal entity or bank account in China to sell into the country. You will also be provided with marketing support, as well as access to the company’s nationwide logistics network.


Selling on Kaola Marketplace is another Chinese marketplace that provides global merchants with access to China’s vast eCommerce market. Similar to JD Worldwide, the site’s commission structure ranges from 2-10% and incurs a $1,000 USD annual fee.

With regards to product categories, there is a particular focus on baby products, packaged foods, cosmetics and apparel.


Selling on Rakuten

Not only is Rakuten the leading eCommerce platform in Japan, it is also the fourth largest marketplace in the world, offering a wide range of products.

Unlike many other marketplaces, Rakuten operates as an online shopping mall, providing merchants with their own shopping space that can be designed with their own branding.

If you’re still not sure if Rakuten is a great fit for your business, it’s worth keeping in mind that over 80% of the entire Japanese population shop on this marketplace, making it a perfect choice if you are looking to expand into this market. If you are keen to learn more about selling on Rakuten and into Japan, have a read of this article from Web Retailer.

Tmall Global

Selling on Tmall Marketplace

Owned by Alibaba, Tmall Global is a popular eCommerce site that enables Chinese consumers to purchase international and local brands. Unlike many of Alibaba’s other sites, including Tmall, AliExpress and Taobao, Tmall Global enables international sellers to reach the Chinese market, without the need for a Chinese business licence or a physical presence in the country.

The site itself is comparative to Amazon, selling into product categories ranging from clothing to homeware. With regards to seller fees, Tmall Global costs can be split into three categories: $8,000-$25,000 deposit (depending on your chosen store format and trademark status), $5,000-$10,000 annual service fee (dependant on product category) and 5% commission on every sale. 

Trade Me

Selling on Trade Me Marketplace

Trade Me is the number one marketplace in New Zealand with over 75% of all domestic web traffic, meaning it reaches a very broad demographic base. The site itself sells both new and used goods across a wide range of product categories, making it an ideal choice for many overseas retailers.

It is incredibly easy to get started selling on Trade Me and once you’ve registered, all you need to do is create your listings as you would do on sites such as eBay, and ship the products once sold. You can learn more about the process here.

While the standard commission is 9.85%, The Department for International Trade (DIT) do offer preferential rates for UK sellers, which is certainly worth looking into.

Latin American Marketplaces

Another fast growing eCommerce market is in fact Latin America, with countries including Brazil, Mexico and Argentina each growing at a rate of 20% year-on-year. With this in mind, if you’re interested in expanding into this market, now is a great time to get started.

The following marketplaces provide a great opportunity to capitalise on this growth and the overall consumer preference for international brands.

Mercado Libre

Selling on Mercado Libre

As the market leader in eCommerce across most of Latin America (including Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela), Mercado Libre is an ideal choice if you’re looking to expand into these various markets.

Ultimately, the site is the 8th most visited retail sites in the world, with as many as 4,000 searches per second, for products in categories such as Vehicle Accessories, Apparel, Homeware, Computing and Sports & Fitness.

Similar to eBay Shops, Mercado Libre also offer MercadoShops, whereby sellers can set up their own personalised online store within the platform. The marketplace also operates a safety payment system, MercadoPago, which offers a range of payment methods.

Learn more about selling in Brazil, one of South America's biggest eCommerce market!


Selling on Linio Marketplace

With over 3 million products across 60 different categories, Linio is the largest online marketplace in Latin America. While Linio is a Mexican marketplace, it does also have a presence in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, Peru and Venezuela, reaching a total of 300 million consumers.

As consumers across South America have very different payment preferences, ranging from credit card transactions, Boleto Bancario (similar to an invoice issued by a bank) and even offline methods, Linio do offer 7 different payment options, making it a popular choice.

The marketplace also offers telephone support, free returns and fast delivery times, as well as incredibly competitive commission rates. You can learn more about selling on Linio here.

Ultimately, there are many different online marketplaces to consider across the globe. While many of the examples above cover a range of different product categories, there will be more niche marketplaces out there so it's certainly worth doing your research. In fact, it's worth taking a look at this list of things to consider before choosing any online marketplace to sell on. 

Below, you will find a key for all of the product categories used within each marketplace image. Do keep in mind that we have only used five of the top verticals for each marketplace, and in most instances they do in fact offer a much wider range of products. 

Linnworks Key Product Categories

Again, if we've missed any marketplaces from the list, simply leave us a comment below!

Complete list of online marketplaces

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