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International Selling with eBay

eBay are really hot on Cross Border Trading of late and are heavily encouraging their sellers to expand into overseas markets. There are approx. 18million buyers visiting each year, but why not optimise your listings and reach over 124million buyers worldwide! A recent article on the World’s Top eBay Sellers shared an astonishing statistic;

76% of the fastest growers are primarily trading cross-border.

If you are not already sold, take a closer look at the top eBay sellers for yourself! There are two ways to sell internationally on eBay – Basic International Selling & Advanced International Selling.

Basic International Selling

Basic International Selling is the easiest way to connect with Overseas Markets and comes with minimal cost implications. In short, Basic International Selling is offering International Postage to your listings and adding PayPal as a payment method.

Did you know?

With Basic International Selling, your listings are fully visible to international buyers visiting – the fact that you offer postage to their countries will make your product more attractive to that buyer.
Your items will also be visible in the advanced search results providing buyers search for items from international sellers.
There are 208 countries without an eBay site that see a buy-only version of optimised for their location - Basic International Selling will allow your listings to be visible to up to 30 of these countries when you offer postage to these locations.


You can use the International Site Visibility feature to maximise the visibility of your listings on, and also This does come at an additional cost, but might just be worth it!
With Basic International Selling, your listings do not differ, they appear the same on all sites. However, the price is automatically converted into a localised currency based on your domestic selling price.

Advanced International Selling

Advanced International Selling is the most effective way of reaching worldwide buyers by listing directly on eBay’s international marketplaces. I like to refer to this method as localising your listings and catering to the consumer of the desired market. Watch this short video on Advanced International Selling with eBay.

Advanced International Selling doesn’t require you to create a new eBay account for each marketplace, you can list directly on eBay’s 14 global sites from your existing account.

Selling Internationally with eBay

Advanced International Selling is advanced for a reason. Really think about the concept of localisation. Here is an interesting fact for you;

Over 31% of the top 1,000 eBay sellers are serious cross-border traders – they are based in one country, and have a Premium (or Featured) eBay Store in another.

Localising your listings will involve a little more work and undoubtedly some additional costs. Read our article on Starting Cross Border Trading which shares some really useful tips on things to take into consideration prior to going global.
This will inevitably involve translating your listings into multiple languages to cater to international buyers by using either Machine Translation or Human Translation, or even a bit of both.

And it doesn’t stop there, it is not just words that you have translate – what about Item Specifics and Sizes, Returns Policies and Currency Conversions?

International Postage & Fulfilment is pivotal in the success of your online business, domestically. So consider your International Shipping options & costs. When selling internationally, trust becomes even more important to your buyers. Think about prospective despatch times or adding tracking to your international postage.

Can you offer International Customer Service in your buyers’ local language?

Did you know?

eBay’s categories for listing are not universal and actually differ for each marketplace. So you may want to do some research on the categories or outsource this to a 3rd Party Tool such as Linnworks.

If you sell internationally from your existing local account, international buyers will see your already accrued feedback – instantly developing trust to improve your conversion rate.
Detailed seller ratings from buyers located outside of the UK and Ireland don’t impact your domestic seller status.

For more guidance on growing your business on eBay, make sure you take a look at this guide.

Things to take into consideration before selling internationally with eBay.

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