Is Your Shipping Company Delivering?


Is Your Shipping Company Delivering?

Is Your Shipping Company Delivering?

As a small-to-medium sized online business owner, you are responsible for a huge variety of tasks every single day to ensure that your company can run smoothly and efficiently. So, you probably outsource your shipping operations to another company — after all, running your own company and being responsible for all of your shipping is a herculean task to take on.

But in most cases, shipping is not the kind of thing that you can "set it and forget it." It is important to monitor the shipping experience that your customers have. Even though the shipments are handled by a separate company, your customers will associate a great (or terrible!) shipping experience with your business instead of the one actually responsible for it.

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So, you will want to look into your shipping partner and make sure that they are meeting all of your expectations. Here are some of the things that you should explore about your shipping company to make sure that your shipping company is delivering.

Shipping Check List:

  • Are they handling packages with care, or are your customers receiving damaged goods?
  • Is everything you sell arriving in a timely manner at the customer's doorstep, or wherever they choose to have it delivered?
  • If something happens before the package can be delivered, how good is the issue communicated to the customer? This includes keeping customers updated if their package will arrive later than expected.
  • Are they exceeding your customer's expectations, or are you receiving a lot of complaints?

As an SMB owner, you will need to remember that your shipping company's performance is reflected onto you. So make sure that they are treating your customers with the same respect and care that you do — and if they aren't, it's time to consider a new partner to handle your shipping.

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