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Linn-Go: Access Linnworks on Android!


Linn-Go is an Android app that you can use with your Linnworks account away from your Pc to get information and interact with the major functions of Linnworks.

The app, currently at version v1.0.13, is available for download on Google Play free of charge and offers basic features to all users. Simply search for “Linnworks” to find it.

Users with a Linn-Go Pro account will enjoy an even greater, feature packed experience enabling them to use the application to:

- Generate custom sales reports instantly.
Find out total order sales by status, best-selling items, best performing
stores/sources etc.

- Search, browse and update inventory data
Update basic info, use your devices’ in-built camera to update images, scan barcodes, update suppliers and extended properties

- Generate picking and packing slips in the app on the fly

- Search and browse your orders. Process individual orders quickly

- Receive new order notifications

- Set preferred time zone, date format and currency

- Search, browse and update purchase orders

- Access official Linnworks documentation, news and UserVoice within the app

- Automatically link to your Linnworks account page

and more...

Subscription to a Linn-Go Pro account costs only £3.99/month with 7 Days free trial and a cancel at any time policy.The aim of Linn-Go is to make your experience as positive as possible. Our team is always happy to hear your feedback and suggestions on how to make the application work for you, so feel free to contact us any time via email at or write a Google Play reviews with your ideas.

Learn more and download Linn-Go at:

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