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Linnworks Support – Helping you to get the best from Linnworks

Technical SupportFor all Linnworks customers, a big part of your decision on which subscription level you want is the support level. We offer a range of different options from support tickets to Live Chat and telephone support, and we also offer the option to purchase remote Training Sessions. In fact, Professional and Enterprise customers get credits for training sessions included for free!

At the end of the day, we feel strongly at Linnworks about enabling our customers to get the best from their business with the tools we provide. But any tool takes some time to learn, especially when it does as many things as Linnworks.

We understand that it can be daunting for some people, so the first thing we offer are our live Webinars. Occurring every Thursday afternoon at 3pm BST, it’s free to register and attend, and lasts an hour, plus the Question and Answer session at the end. We even have a recorded version for those who can’t make the live one. This is to help you see how to work with the main areas of Linnworks, and how they interact. When coupled with the Getting Started guide in your welcome email and our documentation, many of our customers have managed to setup their system with very little intervention.

Linnworks Support

For those that are more comfortable with live assistance instead of reading documentation and watching videos, we offer our Training sessions. These can be booked via the ‘My Account’ page, under ‘My Support’. These sessions last an hour, and are conducted by members of our Technical Support team, by calling you and remote connecting to your PC. When you book them, you can specify the areas you would like to look at, and our specialists will demonstrate and explain the functionality to you, and get you to try yourself, to ensure you’re comfortable with the software. These aren’t implementation sessions, it’s about helping you to take further control of your business by learning how to use Linnworks. Ordinarily charged at £80 +VAT, when you sign up for a subscription to Linnworks Professional or Enterprise, you get a credited with tokens worth 3 and 6 sessions respectively as a one off. These are used at the checkout instead of paying when you book a session. If you ask to cover too much territory in a session, we may contact you ahead of time to slim down the agenda and ensure you have a full hour of learning, without overrunning or missing details by rushing.

Where you’re happy with the documentation, videos or the outcome of your training session, we understand that sometimes you may need assistance, if it be questions about why something doesn’t seem to be working, or an unexpected error or outcome. For that, we have a team of Specialists who are available 24 hours a day, Monday to Friday. Depending on your subscription, you can contact them for assistance as follows:

Express: Support via forums only.

14-Day Trial: Support via forums and support tickets.

Entry: Support via forums and support tickets. One support ticket open at any time.

Standard: Support via forums and support tickets. No limitation on number of open tickets.

Professional: Support via forums, support tickets and Technical Support LiveChat.

Enterprise: Support via forums, support tickets, LiveChat and telephone.

So, how do these different support methods work?


The Linn Systems forums are available to all registered Linnworks users, from Express upwards. You can register initially from the ‘My Account’ page, and then login directly thereafter with your account. Members of the support staff monitor the forums, as do a number of experienced and knowledgeable subscribers, who will often have experienced a lot of things you’re currently doing. It’s a welcoming community, and we do our best to keep it that way.

Support Tickets

The Support Ticket System is accessible from the ‘My Support’ tab of your ‘My Account’ page. It allows you to log details of issues you are having, for investigation by our support specialists. We aim to respond within 8 working hours initially.

We also use Support tickets to track investigations that happen over a longer period or involve multiple team members, and to track development requests (Scripts and queries).


Linnworks LiveChat is accessible to customers with access (Professional and Enterprise) through the ‘My Account’ screen, under ‘My Support’. It allows to you to talk in real time via text to a Technical Specialist and look into issues in real time.

If the issue requires extended investigation, a support ticket may be created to collate the information, and allow the user to track what has occurred.

Phone Support

Telephone Support is available only to subscribers on our Enterprise plan. It is used for reporting issues as they occur, and allowing initial investigation or troubleshooting to occur in real time.

If the issue requires extended investigation, a support ticket may be created to collate the information, and allow the user to track what has occurred.

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