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Mobile Functionality for eBay

pentagon promotionPentagon is a market leading eCommerce services provider with a rich portfolio of stand-alone design services for the eBay marketplace. Pentagon’s innovation and marketplace expertise helps merchants to improve their online presence, and increase their sales.

Pentagon have created a special offer to help you get ready for the fast approaching busy sales period, maximise conversion rate, and increase your new customer base on eBay.

Now that 40% of eBay purchases are made via mobile and tablet devices, are your listings mobile compatible?

This offer enables you to provide an outstanding shopping experience with great in-store navigation as well as increase conversion rate with a mobile responsive listing template!

Using Linnworks allows you to easily update your listing templates, and here are two special offers from Pentagon’s design services:

  1. £129 for mobile functionality to be added to an existing listing template design
  2. £499 for a new storefront and listing template design with the mobile functionality

Bespoke customisation of mobile responsive functionality for storefronts is also available!

Follow the link below to see a demo for a mobile device and a tablet:

Follow the links below to see live examples of shops with mobile responsive listing templates and storefronts:

Email us now at, and get the special price quoted above using discount code: Linnworks14. The offer is available until the 10th of November.

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