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Partner News - Delivery Claims Database

delivery-claims-database-logoOur partner, Postal Options, have a service available allowing you to check if a customer requesting resent or refunded orders is a persistent requester. This can help you to avoid losses by identifying a potential loss before you pass the money or the stock to them. You can log customers who request a refund or replacement, also, to help to identify patterns.

Delivery Claims Database launched....

According to the IMRG (the UK’s online retail association) the total cost of failed online deliveries was more than £850m in 2012. The Delivery Claims Database was launched to help online sellers avoid some of the potential costs associated with non-delivery claims. How useful would it be if you could screen your orders against the database and see addresses that have made previous claims that their item was not delivered? There’s increasing pressure on sellers to provide free delivery so it’s good to know when spending an extra few pence on a tracked service might be prudent to avoid potential claims. Subscribers to the service also have the facility to upload claims details to the site when customers make claims.

The database contains the full address, delivery service used, item value and comments from the seller reporting the claim. Armed with this information you can make an informed decision on which type of delivery method is best suited to ensure safe delivery and avoidance of potential claims. The site is registered with the ICO and is fully compliant with the data protection act. Only location/address and claims details are listed – subscribers are not allowed to identify the individual by name and therefore means that the site does not in any way prevent you from adding claims details or searching for listed addresses.

There’s an option to trial the full functionality of the site FREE for 7 days and as a valued Linnworks customer we’ve managed to get a 25% introductory discount for all customers that sign up before 30th November. When you register for the subscription add the code: LINNWORKS25 to receive your 25% discount.

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