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60 Resources To Help You Expand Your eCommerce Business Internationally

If you’re looking to export internationally and grow your business overseas, there is a wealth of valuable information, resources and support available to you. Below, we have compiled a list of exporting resources covering key organisations, exporting programmes that can provide support and help with funding, as well as additional information on everything from foreign exchange and shipping, right through to country data and VAT resources.

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Key Organisations & Memberships for International Trade

The Department for International Trade

The Department for International Trade (DIT), formerly known as the UKTI, is a government run organisation that is responsible for promoting British trade across the globe.

In addition to offering free advice, tools and guidance, they also operate several programmes, specifically designed to support UK businesses with international trade. Some of these programmes also offer grants or help with funding, which is something to keep in mind going forwards.

Ultimately, the best way to learn how you can benefit from the Department for International Trade’s support is by contacting a trade advisor in your region.

Federation of Small Businesses (FSB)

The FSB is a membership organisation that serves to help small businesses grow their business both domestically and internationally, by providing advice, financial expertise and support. While joining does come at a fee, it is worth familiarising yourself with the benefits to determine whether it’s a good fit for your business.

Institute of Export (IOE)

The Institute of Export is a professional membership body that represents and supports those involved in importing, exporting and international trade.

Open to Export

Open to Export is another government and business backed community that helps UK businesses get ready to sell overseas. You will need to create a free account to start benefiting from their free resources.

Export Programmes

E-Exporting Programme

The E-Exporting Programme is suitable for sellers at all levels, entitling you to a free meeting with an international trade expert from your local DIT office, full support with developing and implementing an international eCommerce strategy, help getting set up on marketplaces and access to better than commercial rates to list on some of these sites, as well as lower commission fees and free trial periods.

Overseas Market Introduction Service

The Overseas Market Introduction Service (OMIS) is available to businesses at any stage of their exporting journey and ultimately serves to help you identify opportunities and set up your business in new markets.

Tradeshow Access Programme  

The Tradeshow Access Programme provides funding for eligible businesses to attend overseas trade shows, with the purpose of helping your business gain market knowledge, experience and advice from trade experts. 

Exporting Tools


Export Opportunities

Another great resource is the DIT’s Export Opportunities page, which gives you access to some of the key opportunities available to you in different countries. You can filter this search by keywords, sector, market and opportunity type, and also sign up for alerts when a new opportunity is made available.  

Global Trade Map

Find out key market facts and opportunities for help with choosing your export destination.

Open to Export Action Plan

The Open to Export Action Plan is a free online planning tool to help you plan your export strategy.

Selling Online Overseas Tool

This is a free service to help you identify some of the major international online marketplaces, and further understand whether they are a good fit for your business. While this doesn’t cover each and every marketplace available to you, it does provide highly detailed information on the 37 marketplaces listed, so it’s certainly worth researching. If you would like to get an idea of some other international marketplaces available to you, take a look at our comprehensive list here.

Resources for Cross-Border Trade

Below, you will find a selection of resources designed to help you grow your business overseas. 

International Trade Training Courses

Institute of Export Professional Qualifications

Institute of Export Short Training Courses

 Foreign Exchange Resources

Currencies Direct Rate Alert

Currencies Direct Foreign Exchange News

Currencies Direct Currency Charts

Essential Currency Tips for Cross-Border Sellers

World First Foreign Exchange Guide

World First Live Rate Graphs & Tables

World First Daily Market Update

Finance Resources

Barclays Business Abroad

Business Finance Support Finder

HSBC Export Resource Centre

Santander Trade Hub

UK Export Finance

Tax & VAT Resources

FTI Global VAT Compliance


VAT Guide for Exporters

International Shipping Resources

Amazon FBA & eBay GSP: What You Need to Know about These International Fulfilment Services

Delivery Options For Exporters

DIT – Shipping and Logistics

DHL Export Guide

FedEx Tools and Resources

Freight Forwarder Search

Legal Checklist for Exporting

Resources for Delivery & Documentation

Royal Mail International Delivery

International Returns Resources

How to Manage International Returns Webinar

How to Make Your International Returns Easy & Profitable

Additional International Trade Resources

A Comprehensive List of Online Marketplaces Across the Globe

Ask the Experts Forum

Cross-Border Trade Opportunities with eBay

Exporting Country Guides                                                                                          

Expanding Into the US: The Top American Marketplaces to Sell On

Exporting Webinars

Finance for Export Resources

How to Grow Your Business in Europe with Amazon

How to Sell More in Europe Webinar

Information for New Exporters

Information for Occasional Exporters

Information for Regular Exporters

Resources for Getting Started Exporting

Resources for Selecting a Market

Resources for Reaching Customers

Resources for Pricing & Getting Paid

Selling in Brazil: The Top Brazilian Marketplaces to Consider

Selling in France: The Top French Marketplaces to Focus On

Selling in Germany: The Top German Marketplaces to Focus On

Useful Contacts for International Trade

XSellco Fusion - Customer Support Translation Tool

Have we missed anything? We’d love to continue building on this list to provide sellers with valuable resources that will help them with their international expansion, so if you’ve had experience with another organisation or provider, drop us a comment below.

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