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The Linnworks New Year Giveaway: Save Big And Win Bigger

linnworks-new-year-giveaway.jpgAt Linnworks, we only have one New Year’s resolution, and that’s to help more retailers than ever before make their eCommerce dreams come true. We want you selling faster, across more platforms, easier than you ever dreamed. So we’re giving away epic discounts to anyone who signs up during the month of January and offering a chance to win an insane luxury package worth over $10,000.

How’s that for a happy new year!

Linnworks in 2016: Making your eCommerce dreams come true

So why exactly will Linnworks make all of your dreams come true? Because magic! And a lot of awesome technology we worked really hard on to make your life easier.

Linnworks is designed to help you sell more, faster, across any site. We do this by linking up all of your marketplaces––Amazon, eBay, Magento and dozens more (65 to be exact)––and allow you to control everything in one place. You can manage your stock, schedule and track orders, print labels, update prices, bulk list items, ship products, and so much more all within your Linnworks account.

How The Giveaway Works

1. Click “Let the party begin!” and enter your information 

2. Receive a promo code for 20% off a Linnworks subscription or upgrade (or up to 35% on an annual plan)

3. Hug and high-five everyone around you because this year is about to be awesome!

Linnworks New Year Giveaway

The Prizes

We wanted to go big this year, so we put together a prize list you can't resist. 

1 Free Annual Linnworks Enterprise subscription and free setup (worth over $10,000!)

Have you ever watched “Pimp My Ride”, a TV show where the rapper Xzibit upgrades someone’s everyday car to a no expenses spared luxury vehicle? That’s exactly what we’ll do to your eCommerce business. The Enterprise Package includes:

  • Free Setup

  • Unlimited Users

  • Unlimited Product Listing

  • Phone Support

  • 6 Hour Training

$100 Amazon Gift Card Every Week

Each week and throughout the promotion we’ll give $100 amazon gift cards to keep the spirits of the festive period up.

Sounds great right? And all you have to do is enter your information for a chance to win. Click here to get started!

Linnworks New Year Giveaway

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