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The Rise of Social Shopping - Setting Up Shop On Facebook With a Facebook Store


Social shopping is on the rise, and if you're in doubt as to whether setting up a store on Facebook is a good move for your business, perhaps the 1.55 billion active users might sway your decision. Unsurprisingly, not all of those 1.55 billion Facebook users will be potential customers, but even a tiny fraction of that is a whole load of potential new business opportunities. 

The reality is, with buyer behaviour continuing to evolve, the most successful companies are those that are evolving with their customers. In other words, selling where their customers are buying, which in the era of social commerce has largely become Facebook.

While the concept of social commerce may not be new – take word of mouth for example, people have been listening to their peer’s recommendations when researching and purchasing products for years – it’s only recently that Facebook has lead the way as a social commerce platform, with users leveraging its reach to boost their sales and grow their business, simply by setting up a Facebook store.

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What exactly is a Facebook store?

Facebook has been used for years by companies trying to redirect their customers to their site, but advances in technology has now made the customers path to purchase even shorter by enabling “social shopping”. Basically, as a business, you now have the option to set up a store on Facebook to showcase your products, enabling users to browse, share and purchase these products without having to leave the site.

Set up your Facebook store with an eCommerce platform

While it is indeed possible for you to create a Facebook store by developing your own app, fortunately the social media giant has been working closely with several eCommerce platforms to do the hard work for you, making it even easier for you to sell on Facebook.

With platforms such as Shopify and Bigcommerce, you are now able you to automatically connect all of your products to your store, and allow your customers to checkout directly through Facebook, while these platforms handle the payment processing and transaction tracking.

Get the most out of selling on Facebook

Used correctly, Facebook can be incredibly powerful for driving conversions, and the key to achieving this is by engaging your followers. Social shopping may well be booming, but bear in mind that users aren’t logging in to Facebook specifically to make a purchase. Instead it is your job to engage them and encourage this. Consider asking questions, making product suggestions and ultimately telling your brand story.

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Another way to get the most from Facebook is by expanding the reach of your posts, which can be done by encouraging Facebook likes and shares. A great way to achieve this is by using competitions, special offers and promotions.

The fact is, selling on Facebook is still relatively new for businesses, but with the eCommerce industry evolving tremendously, it is important that you are tapping into this market, and start leveraging Facebook’s reach to maximise the growth of your business.

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