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What Are The Worst Times Of Year To Sell Online?

What Are The Worst Times Of Year To Sell Online?

If someone asked when the best times of year to sell online are, the answer is pretty obvious––the holidays. But for anyone trying to make money selling products online, ramping up inventory and marketing during an unexpected slow month can be very bad news for business; timing is everything.

The worst times of year to sell online is a hard question to answer. Traditionally, the summer months of May until August have shown a drop in overall sales, particularly towards the end of the season. Andy Ellwood of Forbes stated that this is the worst time to conduct any kind of business because, "No one is in the office as everyone tries to squeeze in one more long weekend before kids go back to school." There are no major gift-giving holidays and many people are away on vacation.

That said, the modern age has changed things quite a bit, and there may be no true "worst time" to sell. And if there is one, it often varies from seller to seller. The rise of technology has given consumers unprecedented power, and they can now shop while they’re on the beach or ski slopes. This is a trend that gives online retailers hope when the traditionally slow months are rapidly approaching.

In the end, how much you are able to sell at a certain time really depends on what you’re selling. To help figure out your own personal hot selling season, invest in a web tracking tool and monitor your traffic over time. Google Analytics is a great example, and it’s free. This will uncover a lot of trends and patterns that you otherwise may have missed during your selling cycle. The truth is it’s up to you to find out what the worst time of year to sell is, and act accordingly.

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It’s no surprise that bathing suits don’t sell well in the winter and sleds gather dust over the summer. The important thing is to prepare for the change in seasonal demands,continue to focus on innovative ways to market your product, and monitor your sales over the year. That way, you have taken control.

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