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What you need to know about winning the Amazon Buy Box


Winning the Amazon Buy Box is arguably one of the most effective ways to increase your sales, for the simple reason that it is the most common way your customers add products to their shopping cart. Specifically, every product page on Amazon has a section where customers can 'Add to Cart', and it is this - commonly referred to as the Buy Box - where Amazon awards one seller premium placement of their product, in-turn contributing to significantly increased sales.

While there is no exact formula for being awarded the Buy Box, you're eligibility for winning this placement is strongly linked to your performance as an Amazon seller. With this in mind, we have compiled some tactics and best practices that you can follow to improve your chances of being selected:

1. Boost your overall account health

In order to be considered for the Buy Box, you must be seen to exceed Amazon's expectations, simply by having outstanding seller performance metrics. There are a number of factors that Amazon will take into consideration, including:

Your Featured Merchant Status - Amazon will review how trustworthy you are as a seller based on your past account history. Featured Merchant Status is awarded to sellers that have proven they can achieve high levels of customer satisfaction and maintain those leverls over time.

Price - In most cases, Amazon will favour sellers that offer the product at a lower price (including shipping costs) than their competitors. 

Stock availability and fulfiment - How quickly you can fulfil your orders will be a huge factor in your eligibility. 

Customer Feedback - Unsurprisingly, sellers with a lower number of negative feedback will be considered over a seller with high levels of negative feedback.

Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) - Sellers that use Amazon to fulfil their orders are much more likely to win the Buy Box, mainly because Amazon can be assured that the product will be delivered, ultimately meeting customer expectations. 

The reality is, there are a whole load of factors you should also take into account, including shipping speed, your efficiency at uploading tracking information, customer response time and defect rate. By ensuring that your account health is good, you significantly increase your chances of winning the Amazon Buy Box. 

2. Look beyond current product demand

If you are successful in winning the Buy Box, then it is extremely likely that you can expect a surge in sales. For this reason, Amazon must be convinced that you have the stock available to handle increased customer demand, and therefore having low stock in an item will reduce your eligibility for being selected.

3. Ensure you're eligible

In order to be eligible, youare not only required to sell "new products" but you must also have a professional sellers account. In addition to this, your experience as an Amazon seller will be a key factor, with customer satisfaction taken into account, and because of this new sellers won't be eligible for the Amazon Buy Box. 

4. Price competitively 

We’ve already touched on price, but it really is a defining factor when Amazon selects the Buy Box winner, and by being seen to compete on price, you increase your chances of winning the placement.  Consider using a solution such as Mean Repricer which offers an Amazon repricing solution, ensuring you are listing your products at the most attractive prices.

5. Never stop aiming for the Buy Box

As with anything, it can be disheartening when you don’t achieve something you’ve worked incredibly hard for, but winning the buy box should be a key priority for you at all times. By continuing to improve your performance metrics and develop your experience, you not only increase your chances of winning the buy box in the future, but you also drive sales and revenue in the meantime.  

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