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4 Things The Pros Can Teach Us About Launching An eCommerce Site

According to an 2014 article by Robert J. Moore of RJMetrics: “There are approximately 110,000 eCommerce websites generating revenue of meaningful scale on the internet.”

Smaller online business owners can feel overwhelmed by the daily tasks of running a business while also getting their names out there. So how do smart entrepreneurs launch successful eCommerce sites? Their strategy is straightforward and involves only a bit of preparation.

Have a well-developed business plan

Before taking any other steps, they research similar companies and consult industry experts. They also need to figure out their expected sales, in order to budget for expenditures such as inventory and website development.

Manage inventory efficiently

They know how to handle inventory without wasting time processing and tracking orders. They are realistic about their capacity to pack and ship products.

To assist them, they often use inventory management software to process and fulfil orders on multiple sites from eBay to Amazon and beyond.

Excellent support

eCommerce pros respond to customer inquiries and complaints by setting up their websites to answer basic FAQs and provide direct contact information.

You're letting them you know that you're the face behind the business and that you have your customers' best interests at heart. Be sure to ask for testimonials from satisfied customers.

Communicate with Customers Through Blogs and Social Media

You already know the role of SEO in ensuring that potential customers can locate you in their search results. Once they have found you, maintaining their interest is crucial.

When potential customers visit your site, they usually want to know more about you. A well-written blog demonstrates that you're interested in more than just making a sale. You're sharing your expertise and providing relevant information.

You probably don't have the time to be everywhere on social media. If you can afford to hire someone to manage your social media accounts, great! Otherwise, determine where you'll have the most impact (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.), and focus your efforts there.

Don't reinvent the wheel. By following the tips above, you can launch an eCommerce website that stands out from the crowd.

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