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4 Ways To Connect With Your Customers Better

Customer engagement is extremely important for any company, but especially for small-to-medium-sized businesses that depend on repeat customers and ensuring that customers have a fantastic experience with your business.

Connecting with your customers and driving engagement doesn't need to be a headache. In fact, here are four ways to connect with your customers better.

1. Leverage social media

Companies that are active on social media have a critical advantage: they are where the customers are.

With the vast majority of people using social media, customers get the most exposure to you if you're actively using social media and creating content that they can interact with.

Plus, it's an opportunity to showcase your brand.

2. Consider email lead nurturing

The more “touches” a prospect receives, the more likely it is that you will make a sale.

Try to figure out what your prospects are interested in and provide them with content that helps pull them through the marketing and sales funnel and prod them along the customer journey.

But, it's important that the content starts off as informational and then becomes increasingly promotional: never start off with a purely promotional touch, lest your attempts be marked as spam.

3. Follow up consistently

Did they buy something from you and give you their email address? Send them a note thanking them for their patronage.

Did they sign up for a webinar? Send them a reminder — and afterwards, tell them how happy you are that they attended (or say you're sorry they missed it — whatever the case may be!).

Always be on their radar so they are more likely to connect with your sales and promotional tactics.

4. Make it personal

Every time you have contact with a customer, use their name so they feel unique and valued as an individual. That means that every phone call should start with a personal greeting to them, and end with a thank you or sincere goodbye like "Have a great day!" followed by their name.

Most email automation software will also let you insert customer names at the beginning of the email so you can address them personally, even in a mass email.

Remember, engage with your customers and they will reward you with sales

A connected customer is one that wants to frequent your business and send their friends and acquaintances to you, too.

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