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5 Quick Tips For Selling On Amazon

5 Quick Tips For Selling On Amazon

Amazon has grown tremendously over the years into one of the king pin eCommerce marketplaces. Although some people believe that this space is overcrowded, many online retailers have experienced huge success selling on Amazon. To help get you to that place, here are some useful tips:

1. Get Customer Reviews

This is important not only in regards to customer trust, but positive rankings are a deciding factor in Amazon's ranking algorithm. A simple way to do this is by offering incentives, such as large discounts, and then encouraging your buyers to leave positive feedback.

2. Proper Keyword Use

Amazon's ranking algorithm is not as sophisticated as Google's, so inserting as many keywords relating to the product as possible into the product's description (as long as it makes sense!) will increase rankings. Different keywords should be used for the separate keyword section. Use Amazon's keyword tool for keyword statistics.

3. Get Into The Buy Box

When there are multiple sellers of a specific item, only one at a time can be chosen when a customer clicks on the buy button. This depends on many factors, and using a software to help you keep an edge over your competition is crucial. Even a lower price of one cent can be the deciding factor.

4. Offer Regular Discounts

This not only entices customers to buy from you, but can push your product to the top page for your product, or even to the "Hot Deals" or "New And Newsworthy" page.

5. Advertise Your Products

There are many sites such as Hubpages where you can review your products and then send them off to your Amazon product on

While building your online presence is an ongoing process that you should continually work to improve, following these five simple tips will get you off to a strong start.

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