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5 reasons why you wouldn’t want to attend Linn Academy 2015

We recently announced Linn Academy, which we think is the best event of the year, but then we are a bit biased. We love to meet our clients in person, welcome back old friends, say hello to new faces, and to hear how everyone’s getting on. But we know the Linn Academy might not be everyone’s cup of tea.

So here are 5 reasons you really shouldn’t attend any of our 2015 events.

You love being out of the loop

At Linn Academy 2015 we’ll be announcing an exciting range of new updates and features for the Linnworks system, including the soft launch of the long-awaited product, and our awesome new Linnworks Application Store. So if you can’t bear being in the know, and prefer to play catch up later on, simply give Linn Academy 2015 a miss this year.

Amazing venues just aren’t your thing

We’ve booked two of the most stunning venues for any eCommerce show of its kind – the Microsoft HQ in Reading and the Old Trafford Cricket Ground in Manchester. But if soaking up the atmosphere at the country’s second oldest cricket ground just doesn’t bowl you over, and you prefer Conference Pears to an Apple, or tepid tea at an out-of-town conference centre off the ring road – you might want to give Linn Academy 2015 a wide berth.

Industry experts are so last year

We’ve lined up a dazzling array of great speakers from Linnworks and our partners including ReplyManager’s CEO, Jodi, who will talk about how to keep your customers happy, and Chris from Tamebay has a fascinating talk about market changes on the lead up to Christmas. So if the latest insights, and expertise from cutting-edge industry experts are all a bit passé, do not complete the booking form online today.

Growing your business is not a priority

With so many different marketplaces, partners and growth experts all in attendance, you could get just the right piece of advice to see your company grow, and who would want that? If you like watching your competition snap up all the extra traffic and rake in the additional revenue, don’t sign up for a ticket, whatever you do!

Free gifts and goodies are bad

With awesome gifts awaiting every attendee, a whole host of special offers and exclusive discounts from our partners, plus our popular Linn Academy 2015 hoodie (everyone wanted one last year) on offer, we’ve got the best giveaways going. But if you can’t bear leaving a conference with a bumper bag of freebies and surprises, then totally skip the link at the end of this article.

We know there are a lot of reasons not to attend Linn Academy this year, but if you decide to join the hundreds who have already signed up, follow the link below and find out how you can get hold of your ticket today.


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