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5 Reasons YOU Need To Be At Linn Academy 2016

This year will see the return of the ever-popular Linn Academy event. We are often asked why we feel every customer should attend Linn Academy, well below are our five most popular answers.


1. Learn how to grow your business in an era of uncertainty

With the recent Brexit vote, and a range of other changes and factors affecting the eCommerce market in 2016, it is more crucial than ever that you equip yourself with the information and know-how on how to thrive in the tumultuous times.

With presentations from some of the biggest names in eCommerce, it really is essential that you not only attend Linn Academy 2016, but that you also learn and implement the expert advice that they will be sharing.

2. Hear thought-leaders shape the future of eCommerce

As always, this year’s Linn Academy will see some industry leaders share their insight into the future of eCommerce. With an even bigger speaker line-up than ever before, representing an extensive range of backgrounds including marketplaces, governmental organisations, service providers and sellers themselves, the event really does provide an unmissable outlook into what you can expect to see in the coming year.

3. Connect with fellow online sellers to learn and grow

With so many online sellers all in the one location, Linn Academy has become a great place for sharing ideas, best practices and the occasional war story with your fellow sellers. While eCommerce can often feel like an individual challenge, at Linn Academy you have the opportunity to meet others in similar situations, and ultimately learn from everyone you speak too. 

4. Meet some of the industry’s leading eCommerce service providers

For the first time ever, the team at Linnworks will be joined by other eCommerce providers, all of which you will be able to meet and network with throughout the day. Our exhibition zone will feature some of the companies at the forefront of development in eCommerce and offer a you a unique chance to interact, engage and connect with them.

5. Claim your free hoodie

Linn Academy hoodies have become a thing of legend. We hear from delighted attendees all year round who are using their Linn Academy hoodies for a range of different activities. Every Linn Academy attendee can claim a hoodie and we always love to see so many people wearing them at other eCommerce events.

So book your ticket using the link below and claim your tickets (and your free hoodie!)

Get Your Linn Academy 2016 Ticket

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