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7 Things You Could Be Doing Instead Of Manually Entering Order Numbers And SKUs

You've just finished uploading all your images for your business and it has taken longer than you anticipated. Now you've got to go in and manually enter order numbers and SKUs in a different window. You're flipping back and forth between multiple screens and look at the time only to find that you're now officially on hour ten of what was supposed to be an eight-hour shift.

With the help of inventory management software you can automate many of the necessary mundane tasks that keep your business running smoothly, including order numbers and SKUS.

There are a million other things you could be doing, but here are seven of the best:

1. Spending time with your family

It may sound simple, but spending quality time with the ones you love is important for the body and the soul. We spend so much time staring at a screen that eye contact and human contact is becoming a rarity. But it doesn't have to.

2. Finding a new hobby

Everyone has that thing that they wished they could do, or attempt, but they just don't have the time. Bust out that watercolour kit that has been sitting in your basement and give it a try.

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3. Scouting a new location for your business

Yes, it's work related, but you're out of the office and away from that pesky screen. Stop and get a coffee and appreciate your surroundings. In fact, make sure that the location is by an acceptable coffee place. Good coffee is imperative for your business to function properly. 

4. Binge watching that show

So everyone's still talking about The Walking Dead and you're that guy that hasn't seen it yet...still! It's time to take a break from reality and escape into a great show for a while. You work hard. Put your feet up. You've earned it.

5. Going on a trip

Have you always wanted to see Mount Rushmore but haven't made it there yet? Here's your chance! Take that trip you keep putting off. There will be plenty of time for you to get out-of-town without taking your work with you. 

6. Organising

Whether it's your closet or your workspace, the organisation not only looks better but you'll feel better. Put on some of your favourite tunes and enjoy the decluttering process. This will also make things more efficient whether it's picking out a tie or finding a pencil.

7. Taking a nap

Sleep is very important for the body and mind. Instead of chugging that energy drink, try a power nap and find yourself energised and refreshed. 

You have options. Back away from the computer and forget about manually entering order numbers and SKUs. Instead, spend all that extra free time wisely. 

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