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Amazon FBA Integration - Linnworks

Amazon FBA in Linnworks

Many of our clients are reliant on Fulfilment Centres, Amazon FBA being the most popular. Holding stock is often a stumbling block with budding entrepreneurs taking their first steps into online selling. Sometimes the garden shed is just not big enough. So weigh up the options, do you want to buy or rent a warehouse, or would it be a cost-effective solution to pay someone else to hold your stock and fulfil your orders. There are hundreds of fulfilment solutions available for you to choose from apart from Amazon FBA, such as 3PLogistics, PackSmart & JBS Fulfilment.

Amazon FBA puts it simply, the motto being “You sell it, We ship it”

Apart from fufilling your orders and delivering to customers all over Europe, Amazon also provide a high quality of customer service. A seller's reputation has a huge emphasis on the amount of consumers that will purchase from them. Having the 'Fulfilment by Amazon' logo on Amazon listings is a great way of installing confidence in consumers. FBA also gives sellers an edge when competing for the Buy Box? Even if their item isn't necessarily the cheapest.

Linnworks supports FBA

Order Management for Success

A perk of Amazon FBA Integration within Linnworks is that you can manually assign orders in bulk or individually from other marketplaces to be fulfilled by Amazon, by the use of scripting, this can be an automated process. This means that you are able to effectively sell on multiple marketplaces, such as Ebay, Amazon, Magento and more without holding any of your stock. Furthermore the channels will still receive dispatch notifications. For example, if you were to assign an Ebay order to FBA, once dispatched, Linnworks will mark it as shipped on the Ebay channel. How convenient...

Linnworks can synchronise your stock levels in your Amazon FBA location which are then reflected in Linnworks, providing you the opportunity to maintain accurate stock levels, variable on the intervals of which you synchronise. The stock in your FBA location is part of your overall inventory and will be propagated to all other channels. So, if you were to have stock in your local warehouse and also in FBA, the channels will portray the combined stock to all of your channels.

If you wanted to speak to someone about how your current fulfilment set-up can work with our Order Management System you can email us at

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