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Amazon Seller Tools: The Ultimate List For Amazon Growth

As an Amazon seller, you will already know that there are a huge number of things you need to get right in order to run a successful store.

Pricing your products. Running promotions. Getting great reviews. Customising products for international markets.

The list is endless.

Fortunately, there are plenty of tools that can help you achieve this.

In fact, many of these tools are designed to save you time and ensure you're investing your money in the areas that will help you increase your sales on Amazon. 

But with so many Amazon seller tools at your disposal, which ones are worth considering?

To answer this question, we have shared 19 tools we believe are worth investigating across the following eight categories:

Amazon Price Checker Tools

To succeed as a seller on Amazon, you need to sell the right products, at the right time, for the right price point. 

But how exactly do you determine this price point?

Well, one approach is to track the pricing history of similar products.

Now while this can of course be done manually, Amazon price checker tools can automate this process, enabling you to make the right pricing decisions consistently.


Amazon Seller Tool CamelCamelCamel

CamelCamelCamel provides free Amazon price tracking software. It’s perfect for independent sellers because it gives you insight into product searches and the price history of over 18 million Amazon products.

That's not all though.

Their tool also enables you to receive Amazon price alerts and track discounts across the marketplace.

The process of using CamelCamelCamel can be made even easier by adding the Camelizer browser extension to your Firefox or Chrome, which lets you view price history charts right from your browser.

Finally, as CamelCamelCamel supports ten countries, you can even select which Amazon country you want to track.

Cost: Free


Amazon Seller Tool Keepa

Keepa lets you track prices and view price history charts for over 800 million products on Amazon and their sales rank tracker can be embedded directly within your browser.

More specifically, you can import and export large product lists to view all their details and prices at a glance. You can also track best selling products by category on a daily basis, track top sellers, export all variation data of a product, and set alerts on price changes.

With the ability to choose from seven languages and 12 Amazon locales, Keepa is a great tool for when you’re scouting new markets and researching new niches.

Cost: €15 per month (free/test mode available for limited use)

Amazon Product Research Tools

Unsure of which products to sell on Amazon

The best products to focus on are those that sell fast, give you high profit margins, and they’re constantly in demand.

The challenge?

Those products aren’t always obvious or easy to identify.

There’s also always the risk that other Amazon sellers have the more accurate and up-to-date information.

Product research software allows you to easily analyse products that already sell well, the number of sales they get and the revenue they generate, not to mention their profit margins and much more.

Which leads us to some of your options...

Daily Source Tools

Amazon Seller Tool Daily Source Tools

Daily Source Tools helps you find profitable products to sell on Amazon. To help you do that, they offer three tools: Price Checker 2, Brand Contact List, and Daily Product Lists.

These tools are ultimately designed to help you streamline your Amazon efforts.

For example, you can upload a list of wholesale products from your supplier and the tool will compare them against the Amazon database to identify items that will sell fast and at the highest profit.

You can also use Daily Source Tools to find brands to partner with, as well as high profit buying opportunities.


  • $82 per month for Price Checker 2 (free demo available)
  • $99 for Brand Contact List
  • From $99 to $287 for Daily Product Lists


Amazon Seller Tool AMZScout

AMZScout's flagship product is AMZScout Pro, a Chrome extension that streamlines your product research, by providing data such as estimated sales, revenue, profit margins and more.

This way, you can find profitable products to sell, verify your niche, predict your future competition and more.

While AMZScout is, at its core, an Amazon product finder and research tool, do also keep in mind that the company offer a range of other tools such as an FBA Calculator, Sales Estimator, and Keyword Tracker.

Cost: $44.99 per month or $199 lifetime subscription (free trial available)

Amazon Keyword Research Tools

You can choose the best products for your Amazon store, but if no one can find them, your efforts won’t bring you results.

Amazon SEO is a different challenge than ranking on the first page of Google. People come to Amazon to search directly for products, so the intent is different, and the competition is fierce. 

The tools below will help you conduct Amazon keyword research and optimise your product listings, including titles, descriptions, and more.


Amazon Seller Tool KeyworX

KeyworX is an organic rank tracking software solution for Amazon sellers.

It uses up-to-date keyword data to identify the most profitable and relevant keywords you can use to rank for in Amazon's search engine.

The way KeyworX works is by giving you access to exact keyword positions that mark the difference between a profitable Amazon store and the one that’s seeing a loss. You can use this to track competitors and reverse engineer their success, as well as simplify your entire marketing and analytics process.

Cost: From $27 to $297 per month (free trial available)


Amazon Seller Tool Sonar

If you’re looking for a free keyword research tool for your Amazon products, this is it.

Sonar pulls all keyword suggestions from the real customer search queries on Amazon.

In fact, the tool will only show you Amazon search queries, as opposed to adding those from Google and other search platforms. This is valuable because the search intent on Google is fundamentally different from the one on Amazon.

You can also use reverse ASIN lookup which shows you keywords for which that ASIN is ranking for on the first page of search results. You can then use these keyword suggestions to optimise your product names and descriptions.

Cost: Free


Amazon Seller Tool Ahrefs

While Ahrefs is one of the most powerful SEO tools across the board - not just for Amazon sellers - it is worth noting that their Keyword Explorer tool does actually have an Amazon-specific search function. 

More specifically, you can enter multiple keywords and phrases into Keywords Explorer and simply select Amazon before running your search. You’ll see the search volumes, clicks, search volume per country, keyword suggestions, and more.

What's more, Ahrefs will also show you something called Return Rate, or RR for short. It’s a metric that displays how often the same person searches for a given keyword over a 30-day period.

Cost: $99 per month

Amazon Refund and Reimbursement Tracking Tools

Your Amazon store is keeping you busy and you’re working hard to look after your customers.

This means that refunds and reimbursements can go unnoticed and slip through the cracks. Packages get lost and damaged, products get replaced and returned.

A great tool will help you offload keeping track of this, and let you focus on selling your products and serving your customers instead.

AMZ Refund

Amazon Seller Tool AMZ Refund

AMZ Refund analyses the history of your inventory to find FBA errors. By using it, you’ll learn how much money Amazon owes you.

From lost inventory to damaged or destroyed goods, errors happen on Amazon’s part, and you need a way to keep track of when you qualify for a reimbursement from Amazon. AMZ Refund is compliant with Amazon’s Terms of Service and supports eight Amazon locales.

Cost: 12% of what Amazon owes you


Amazon Seller Tool FBAAuditor

FBAAuditor is a tool that keeps track of your damaged and missing inventory.

The issues it resolves include customer returns and return policy, damages, replacements, missing inventory, and damaged items.

When you sign up, they can go back through your inventory history as far as 18 months to look for refunds and reimbursements. They also follow Amazon’s Terms of Service and handle all correspondence with Amazon through your account auditor instead of automating the process.

Cost: 25% of what Amazon owes you

Amazon Feedback Tools

As many as 93% of consumers say that online reviews impact their purchase decisions.

In other words, getting your customers to leave reviews is no longer optional—it’s essential if you want to build up your store’s credibility.

Amazon customer reviews won’t just make your product pages convert more customers. They’ll also help you rank your products highly on Amazon search results in the first place.

Which is why with the following tools, you’ll spend less time getting more reviews.


Amazon Seller Tools AMZ Finder

AMZFinder is a feedback and review software solution for Amazon sellers. It helps you enhance your store’s credibility by automating your customer feedback outreach.

AMZFinder can send messages to your customers automatically, while letting you customise your email templates and filter orders that will be your foundation for outreach. You can also use it to send professional-looking invoices and work in any of the eight supported Amazon marketplaces.

This tool has helped generate more than 21 million customer reviews so far. It can also notify you of all new reviews, which enables you to react promptly and take good care of your customers.


  • From $0 to $59 per month for customer email plans
  • From $29.99 to $54.99 per month for review management plans (free trial available)


Amazon Seller Tool Feedback Five

FeedbackFive is an Amazon feedback and review management tool by eComEngine.

It enables you to connect with the right customers at the right time, by providing the option to customer your messages, add product images, choose when your emails are sent, and more.

With this option, you also get access to an intuitive reputation management dashboard. On Pro and Enterprise plans, you’ll be alerted when you receive a negative review and even have an automated workflow for resolving feedback issues.

Cost: From $0 to $59.99 per month (free trial available)


Amazon Seller Tool Feedback Express

FeedbackExpress is another tool to help you automate your customer feedback requests.

When reaching out to your customers to ask for reviews, you can use filters such as order recency, item condition, fulfilment type, SKUs, and shipping locations. You can even define parameters such as how long you want to wait before sending the feedback request message.

Furthermore, FeedbackExpress gives you templates in five languages and lets you auto-insert product images and short titles. You can manage the entire process from a highly visual dashboard.

Cost: From £14.95 to £59 per month (free trial available)


Amazon Seller Tool XSellco

XSellco's Feedback tool is a great option for any Amazon merchant looking to automate feedback requests and subsequently improve their seller performance by securing a constant stream of new reviews.

In fact, with the option to target these Amazon feedback requests based on specific products, destinations and even orders that were delivered on-time, you can increase the chances of these reviews being positive.

What's also great about XSellco's solution is that if you're selling on additional marketplaces such as eBay, Cdiscount and fnac, the solution supports these as well.

Cost: From £35 to £177 per month (28 day free trial available)

Amazon Translation Tools

Growing on Amazon isn’t always about adding more products and increasing your sales. It can also be about breaking into new, international markets.

But to sell elsewhere, you can’t just expect your existing listings to do the job. You’ll need to translate them, but also customise them based on the expectations of shoppers in your new market.

This includes product descriptions, sizes, titles, legal and tax implications, delivery policies, and much more.

Fortunately, the following Amazon seller tools and services specialise in helping you do just that.


Amazon Seller Tool Webinterpret

Webinterpret is the perfect solution for Amazon sellers looking to expand across the marketplace's international sites.

More specifically, if you're thinking about expanding onto Amazon UK, US, France or Germany, Webinterpret can translate and localise your products, and automatically list them to these sites.

These orders will then appear in your account as normal and can be fulfilled in the same way you would fulfil any other product. It is recommended, however, that you consider the use of an automated inventory management system to consolidate these orders and streamline the fulfilment process without human error.

With Webinterpret, you can also provide a fully localised shopping experience, giving you the confidence that your product titles, descriptions, currencies and item sizes reflect the market you're selling into.

Cost: 5% + $49.99 per month, custom Pro option available
          5% +$1.29/transaction, Pay as you go option available

InterCultural Elements

Amazon Seller Tools InterCultural Elements

InterCultural Elementsis another service offering eCommerce translation and localisation for Amazon sellers

Therefore, if you're looking for a service that can optimise your Amazon listings for different markets, while remaining appealing, accurate and search-ready, this is a service worth considering.

Keep in mind that this is handled by native speakers and proofread by a second translator to ensure the highest quality.

They also localise your products by adjusting categories, attributes, and other details. They’ll advise you on which items to list and when, convert measurements and sizes, adapt your prices and shipping rates, and provide contact information for legal and tax advisers.

Cost: Custom - start with a free consultation

Amazon Repricing Tools

What is the ideal price point to sell your products on Amazon at?

This answer can vary between scenarios and if you changed your prices manually every time, that’s the only thing you’d have the time to do.

Amazon repricing tools therefore ensure your products are automatically repriced to boost sales at the best profit margin possible, by using information such as competitor pricing, out of stock scenarios and trends.


Amazon Seller Tool Repricer Express

RepricerExpress is an automated repricing Amazon seller tool, designed to help you increase your sales and profits by enabling you to offer competitive pricing.

With this Amazon tool, you can set up basic and advanced rules to customise pricing, define minimum and maximum prices to protect your margins, and make changes in bulk with importing, exporting, and templates.

The tool will further attempt to maximise the profit you make on each sale when common scenarios arise, such as when competitors are out of stock or when you’re already winning the Amazon Buy Box.

Cost: From £39 to £169 per month (free trial available)


Amazon Seller Tool Feedvisor

Feedvisor uses cutting-edge technology, such as artificial intelligence, to help you optimise your Amazon product prices.

They’re positioning themselves as the ideal solution for large sellers on Amazon, tackling challenges such as direct competition, insufficient insights for an effective pricing strategy, and manual management of your entire catalogue.

Feedvisor’s algorithm-based repricer helps you win the Buy Box at the optimal price point for each product and for your overall business.

It analyses the competitive landscape in real-time and looks for trends, seasonality, and best ways to forecast sales—and adapt your prices to these constant changes.

Cost: Custom - start by requesting a demo

Amazon Advertising Tools

Organic rankings on Amazon are crucial, after all, showing up at the top of the search results can hugely impact the success of your listings.

It can't be ignored, however, that you can also boost your visibility and sales with paid advertising.

Native Amazon Sponsored Products and external ads such as Facebook advertising are just a few ways to do this.

The problem is, figuring out how Amazon advertising works can be an expensive and time-consuming process, which is why these tools can help you see results faster and make your paid advertising profitable.

PPC Entourage

Amazon Seller Tool PPC Entourage

PPC Entourage is a suite of tools designed to help you increase your Amazon sales and profit margins with paid campaigns such as Amazon Sponsored Products ads.

You can use it to get more sales at the lowest ad cost possible, automate your ads, and find untapped keyword opportunities.

PPC Entourage will let you schedule campaigns by time of day, adjust your ad bids daily, automate negative optimisation, track your rankings, and more.

And with advanced reporting and tracking, you’ll know exactly where to focus for each next campaign you run.

Cost: From $47 to $247 per month (free trial available)


Amazon Seller Tool ZonTracker

ZonTracker is an Amazon sales optimising software solution for Facebook ads.

This is a great addition to your toolkit if you’re looking to attract potential customers from a platform outside of just Amazon ads and product optimisation.

With ZonTracker, you can track purchases coming from Facebook ads, find the best targeting for your ads, build custom audiences on Facebook, and optimise for conversion events.

Because you cannot add a Facebook pixel to Amazon, ZonTracker provides you with their own pixel you can use to improve ads.


  • $29 per month for ZT-Track
  • $19 per month for ZT-Audience 
  • $49 per month for ZT-Optimize
  • $59 per month for ZT-Combo (all three tools)

So, there you have it.

A selection of recommended tools to consider using as part of your Amazon seller toolkit.

While this is by no means an exhaustive list, it will (hopefully) go some way in helping you to research those that can help you sell more on Amazon.

It is also worth considering the importance of automating your order and inventory management on not only Amazon but your other channels, to ensure that you're prepared for fluctuating order volumes and that you can fulfil your orders on time and without error.

This will ultimately result in happy customers and a profitable Amazon store.

Give these tools a go and share the outcome with us. If there are any additional tools you're using, we'd love to hear about them.

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