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An Introduction To eBay Deals

Many of us will have heard of eBay deals, they always hit the headlines on days such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday and many of us know it is the place to go for a great deal when buying for ourselves or others. But what are eBay deals? And more importantly how can you, as an online seller, take advantage of them to grow your business and increase your exposure?

Why eBay deals?

eBay deals are a crucial part of eBay’s strategy to improve the online shopping experience and take the brick and mortar store online. eBay deals are a great way to browse, impulse buy and find the item you never knew you wanted/existed.

How do they generate traffic?

Well, unlike a high street store, ‘footfall’ is a little bit harder to come by online. So eBay have developed some great tactics to make sure their deals are being looked at on a regular basis.

Mailing list – eBay have massive daily and weekly mailing lists of people who have opted-in to be in the know about the on-going deals on eBay. This means a regular stream of ready-to-buy potential customers who are wanting to see what deals you are offering them.

Campaigns – eBay also run regular campaigns encouraging people to head over to the deals sections of the website. All the seasonal events, payday weekends and other eBay promotions are all focused around the deals section of the website.

What are the key benefits?

With eBay deals, customers can gain from massive exposure to their top selling lines. eBay deals are shown to increase the visibility of not only the item on offer, but also the other items being offered by that seller.

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