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eCommerce Provider Offers & Responses to COVID-19

Aimee Manning | March 25, 2020 | Comments

This page is no longer regularly updated and offers might be out of date, though should the need arise with a second peak of COVID-19, we’ll resume monitoring offers from across the industry and keep you up to date via this resource. You might be interested to read our UK & US Government advice pages to see what other support is available to you.  

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With the ongoing coronavirus pandemic affecting businesses and individuals across the globe, an increasing number of companies are announcing initiatives to support online sellers through this crisis.

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COVID-19 Updates: US Federal & State Government Relief Programs

Aimee Manning | March 24, 2020 | Comments

Updated: June 25, 2020

The US government and state governments have been rolling out the country’s COVID-19 plans, relief measures and programs to support those impacted by the virus.

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What is Amazon Shipping?

Aimee Manning | March 12, 2020 | Comments

Amazon Shipping has been launched as a premium shipping service for next day deliveries across the UK.

Despite being an Amazon-owned service, Amazon Shipping is in fact also open to retailers selling on other online marketplaces or sales channels, meaning you don’t need to sell on Amazon to benefit from fast and reliable domestic shipping.

So, what is Amazon Shipping? What are its benefits and limitations? And how does it compare with FBA and Seller Fulfilled Prime?

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Alibaba Alternatives: Where To Source Products Outside Of China

Aimee Manning | February 27, 2020 | Comments

As a retailer, there's a good chance that you're already feeling the effects of China's production standstill in the wake of the Coronavirus outbreak.

In fact, with China being the largest export market worldwide, the ability to source products will become increasingly difficult, irrespective of your location. 

Which raises the question: how can you mitigate against this?

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Topics: eCommerce, Product Sourcing

How Inventory Management Software Can Help Prevent Amazon Suspension

Aimee Manning | November 6, 2019 | Comments

As an Amazon seller, I'm sure you'll agree that an account suspension email is one you'd like to avoid at all costs. 

Problem is, while the majority of sellers don’t set out to violate any rules set out by the marketplace, all too often an innocent mistake can lead to Amazon suspension and a long battle to regain seller privileges.

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Topics: Selling on Amazon, Inventory Management Software