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Best Times Of The Year To Sell Online

If you sell products online, you've probably noticed that the amount of product that you sell correlates with the time of the year. That being said, it's not always that easy to figure out what sells the best when. Here are a few notes about what sells the best when.

It Depends

First of all, it depends on what you're selling. There is no singular day when everything sells better. Candy canes will sell better on Christmas than the Easter for obvious reasons.

For items that are not so obvious, this is where analytics and tracking come in very handy. Knowing when you sold more product across the year will allow you to ramp up advertising and stock up for the big push at the right time. Analytics are your friend.

There are, however, a few seasons that promote sales more than others.


Many products sell better around one or a few specific holidays, this is the easy part. Leveraging the right time frame to sell is the most important part. Make your delivery dates known (the latest date a customer should order on to receive it in time for the holiday or special occasion) and start advertising earl.  


Some products seem to fit the autumn holidays especially, and will consistently sell faster from September through the end of the year, for example, party dresses as the Christmas season fast approaches. 

This rush is also partially related to the beginning of the school year.

Seasonal items

Many items have their own season. If your product doesn't fit any specific holiday, consider whether you'd buy it in the summer or the winter. Perhaps you'd be more interested in it in the Spring. Whichever season the product reminds you of is the most likely season in which you'll see a spike.

Now that you know how to predict when your products are likely to sell quickly, you can plan ahead and make 2016 a great year. Track your sales, order smart, and think like your customer. Good luck.

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