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Bulk Listing with LinnLive 2

Bulk Listing

LinnLive 2 listing tool

The LinnLive2 listing tool is the latest version of the popular extension for Linnworks Anywhere. Its basic function is to enable the listing of products on multiple web channels using a single point of management. By employing templates, the listings are made as simple as possible and can be used to market products on, for example, eBay, Magento and Amazon. LinnLive configurators make it possible to flexibly work with the product metadata, including descriptions and other specifications, such as the price, colour and brand. These management functions are available centrally from a browser.

Time savings by bulk listings

LinnLive2 enables the management of bulk listings on multiple sales channels. From a single web interface, it is possible to centrally manage listings on Amazon, eBay, BigCommerce and Magento. In turn, these timesavings mean a financial boost to the business, because more energy can be dedicated to running the business rather than attending to administrative functions. In addition, the central control of listings includes the possibility of managing international sites simultaneously, such as eBay in the UK, the USA, Australia, France and Germany.

Growing popularity

As a consequence of the flexible data management options, a growing number of Linnworks clients are turning to LinnLive2 as the latest development in listings control. Among these growing numbers of clients, some users have been known to manage up to 60,000 listings with LinnLive, a testimony to the flexibility and power of the application.

Latest LinnLive2 improvements

The most recent advances in LinnLive technology have brought a number of improvements to LinnLive2. For example, multiple image listings and the display of stock level for variations are now also possible in the latest version. The latest function enhancements are as follows:

  • Multiple image listings for Linnworks products. Due to processing load, multiple image listings are not available for variation products or for the inverse selection in the batch process of listings. However, the function can create one listing at a time using the new multiple image listings option.
  • Display of stock level in the variations section. On the Variations screen, navigate to the number shown under Combined Avail Qty, which gives the stock level of the item. Pointing the cursor to this number brings up a small screen that shows the stock level for each variant that is managed in the variation group.
  • Filter by category for inventory items. A new Category section, which has been added to the Variations screen, is available to filter inventory items by category. Categories can be selected from the Linnworks database.
  • View and edit in line with Linnworks. Users can now view and edit item details in LinnLive2, using the same process as in Linnworks. Clicking the item SKU in LinnLive2 brings up a screen that displays tabs such as Description, Extended Properties, Listing Descriptions and Postage definition.
  • Instant adjustment. If the details of an item have been edited in Linnworks it is possible to right-click the item to bring up an instant adjustment option.
  • Category suggestions for eBay listings.

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