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How to: Bulk Upload Variations


Linnworks has changed the way a variation is defined to offer you enhanced functionality – With this release we have introduced the concept of a Variation Parent.

This means:

  • You can have a Variation Item SKU that is a child of multiple Variation Parents.
  • The Variation Parent can contain shared properties for listing purposes. All properties that were taken from the main item are now taken from the variation item.
  • The Variation Item SKU only needs the Variation specific properties for listing purposes.

In the video below, we show you how to bulk upload variations using the data import tool.

How to bulk upload variations using the Data Import ToolFor reference, here is an overview of the Data Import tool 

1.Use the Basic Product Import to create Child SKU inventory items

    • The use of the column VariationGroup is no longer available here due to the new parent SKU functionality
    • Do not import the Variation Parent SKU as part of the Basic Product Import, this must only be done as part of the Variation Group Import

2.Create the parent variation SKU using Variation Group

    • This will generate the new Linnworks inventory item
    • The new Variation Groups are called Variation SKU’s, this is a virtual item rather than a physical one which is used to group together a collection of inventory items for listing purposes, much in the same way when working with a variation listing on Amazon – in Amazon you will see a Parent SKU (The virtual items) and the Child SKU’s (the physical items)
    • To do this a separate CSV file is required with the Variation SKU Name (The column is called the VariationGroupName – this is a virtual item) and a SKU number for this virtual item
    • This file must not contain any duplicates and the Variation SKU must not be already defined as a Variation Parent SKU in Linnworks

3.Add Child SKU's to the Parent Variation SKU using Stock Item Variation

    • Once the Variation SKU (Virtual Parent) is created, the real SKU's (Child Items) need be linked by added them to the new groups
    • This file requires 2 columns SKU and VariationSKU
      • SKU ~ the Linnworks inventory item number for the child item to be added to a group
      • VariationSKU ~ the Linnworks item number for the virtual parent item to which the child item will be added
    • You will see in the sample list below that the SKU colum contains duplicates; this is so that the same physical child item is added to multiple parent SKU's for listing purposes

Additional information

  • Add Listing Titles/Prices/Descriptions/Attributes using Product Description Import
    • Global specifics such as Brand are only required for the Variation Parent SKU
    • Variation Item specifics such as Colour are only required for the Variation Child SKU's
  • View the completed Variation Group from Inventory Control > Variation Groups

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