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CEO Q&A - The Key Takeaways


A new world order. Linn Systems celebrate the soft launch of – the smarter way to manage online business. is the next generation in online automation software and the first ever system to combine the power of a desktop application with web-based technology. Receiving its soft launch today, is a major update to the existing Linnworks Desktop client. Customers can expect to find powerful new ways to synchronise their business in the ecommerce world. With super-fast channel integration and courier automation, the web-based version helps businesses sync, edit, update, and fulfill orders across dozens of online marketplaces, with all the features at your fingertips.

Earlier in the week, we chatted to Linn System’s CEO and Founder, Fedor Dzjuba, to find out more about the new product’s features. Here are the key takeaways.

It’s the fastest system of its kind

 In fact, it’s incredibly fast. Two years in the making, Linn Systems have created the first ever online automation software to combine the power of a desktop application while running in a browser. The closest thing to real-time business information, customers can expect the same high quality software they’ve come to expect from the desktop version, Linnworks – but with the latest HTML5 and Web API technologies – so it won’t slow down at peak times, or suffer under high loads.

Beta testers gave it the thumbs up has a user-friendly interface that allows users to focus on one function at a time. Testers say it helped them navigate the new software quickly, and carry out actions efficiently. 

Multi-feature, multi-platform, multi-channel

The soft launch version includes all the features customers need to get going. You can add and track products and SKUs across channels, create bulk listings, process orders, and even manage returns – all in real time. And the full version will have everything on Linnworks Desktop, plus much more besides. Customers can look forward to even more websites and channels, marketplaces, shipping couriers, and accountancy platforms being made available to subscribers. With accessible across channels and devices, including tablet, customers can do everything they need on the go. 

An open system, open for business is proud to have created the only automation platform on the market that uses an open system. With a user interface entirely written in open source code, customers can team up with developers to adapt the system to better suit their business needs. And with the advent of the Linnworks App Store, developers can independently create modules for existing users and maximise on revenue too.

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