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Changing the eCommerce World: 2013 Christmas & New Year Contest


Once again, we here at Linn Systems are holding a contest over the Christmas and New Year period. This year, we’re offering over £10,000 in prizes!


  • 1 x FREE Enterprise subscription for 12 months (worth £5,000.00 ex. VAT)
  • 1 x FREE PRO subscription for 12 months (worth £3,000.00 ex. VAT)
  • 1 x FREE Autonomous Synchronisation upgrade for 12 months
  • 2 x £100 Amazon Gift Vouchers

To Enter:


1) Take a picture, either by yourself or with your team, with the following phrase displayed, usually holding a sign:

We are changing the eCommerce world.

Linnworks customers are encouraged to use the Linnworks logo on their picture(s), or alternatively the text “”.

Non-Linnworks customers do not have to use our branding details, but it would be greatly appreciated.

2) Once created, post it on our Contest page:

3) Share the picture to get as many votes as possible.

Winners will be announced on Tuesday, 7th January 2014.

Good luck! :)

Legal Stuff

Any business selling goods or services online can enter this competition.

One entry per business. Individuals working for a business may not also enter individually unless it is as a separate enterprise.

Submissions dated after 23:59 on January 6th 2014 GMT will not be accepted.

Winners will be announced on Tuesday, 7th January 2013. We will contact the customers via Facebook, or the provided email address. We will publicly announce the winners via social media and an email newsletter to Linnworks subscribers.

Entrants agree that Linn Systems Ltd may use their entries in promotional or social media products.

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