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A Complete List of Home and Garden Online Marketplaces

If one thing’s for sure, it’s that the home and garden industry is in full bloom. In fact, total spending on tools and equipment for home and garden use last year came to a brilliant 6.65 billion pounds – and is showing no signs of slowing down.

Recent demographic shifts and lifestyle changes have created budding opportunities for home and garden retailers everywhere. Millennials are an increasingly important focus, while 40% of baby boomers say improving their homes and gardens is a high-ranking hobby.

To take advantage, retailers should seek to sell their home and garden products across as many channels as possible. After all, a bigger reach almost always means more sales. This extends globally too, as rapid urbanisation in emerging countries fuels industry growth.

That’s why we’ve put together a complete list of online marketplaces for the home and garden sector. You’ll find more than 40 sales channels to sell your household goods across.


1stdibs home and garden online marketplace

1stDibs is a leading home and garden online marketplace with a large global reach, specialising in antique, mid-century, modern, contemporary and vintage furniture.

With approximately 2.7 million registered users and a valuation of well over $500 million, 1stDibs is definitely a sales channel worth considering. In fact, the marketplace made $263 million worth of online sales in the last year alone.

In essence, 1stDibs provides a singular marketplace experience for consumers all across the globe. Which means you’ll be competing with more than 4,500 online sellers from over 40 countries if you decide to sell on the home and garden marketplace.

To get more information and find out the costs involved, you’ll need to fill out a form and wait for the 1stDibs team to get back to you. 

Amazon Worldwide

amazon home and garden online marketplace

While it’s highly likely that you’ll already be selling across multiple Amazon sites, we thought we’d bring light to the eCommerce giant just in case (and to provide a truly complete list!).

Thanks to its international presence, increasing popularity and extensive reach, Amazon offers plenty of scope for online retailers in the home and garden industry.

In fact, a recent report has found that Amazon UK dominates website traffic for garden and indoor plant searches, while the home and garden sector is consistently one of the best-performing industries on Amazon during peak selling periods.

For a full list of all international Amazon sites, check out this article.


artfire home and garden online marketplace

ArtFire is a global online marketplace that sells artisan home and living items, with a focus on diverse, unique and handmade product ranges.

Similar to Etsy, ArtFire sellers are given their own storefront on the marketplace, which you can customise to fit your brand and organise your products with custom categories.

Testing out the sales channel is fairly low risk too.

For $4.95 a month, you can create up to 250 listings and utilise the marketplace’s powerful seller tools. There are no ads on shop pages nor item pages, meaning consumers are less likely to get side-tracked.

Something to keep in mind is that there’s a $0.23 per item listing fee and a 12.75% final valuation fee on this plan. There are, however, two other plans priced at $20.00-$40.00 per month, with a 4.5% final valuation fee and zero listing fees.

To start selling on ArtFire or to get more information, you’ll need to create an account.


bazar home and garden online marketplace

Bazar advocates for sellers that specialise in sustainable, artisan, pre-loved and eco-friendly products in the home and garden industry.

As such, the marketplace awards badges to certified sustainable and/or ethical sellers and eco labels to those that meet environmental standards. It is clear that this site is geared towards independent and ethically driven brands, much like ArtFire and Etsy.

There are, of course, a few marketplace fees to take into account. Both from Bazar and its online payments platform, Stripe.

Stripe charges a flat fee of 1.4% and 20p transaction fee regardless of order value, while Bazar takes between 6.5%-8.5% dependent on the value of the order, which means that total fees range from 7.9% + 20p to 9.9% + 20p (+ tax and shipping) when you sell an item.

You’ll need to apply for Pro Seller status in order to sell on Bazar.

To do this successfully, there are three major requirements you will need to meet, including: an ethical brand; an inventory of current products and a website shop.


bol home and garden online marketplace

With a reach of ten million customers, Bol is one of the most popular online marketplaces in the Netherlands and Belgium. One of the great things about Bol is that it’s an extra sales channel without any start-up costs – you only pay when you sell an item.

Home and garden retailers that sell through Bol do so through a variety of related categories, including lighting, furniture, homeware, cookware, home electricals and more.

The Dutch marketplace upholds an esteemed reputation and as such has a variety of requirements you’ll need to meet if you choose to sell on the platform, including:

  • Products being appropriate
  • Products having GTIN, EAN or ISBN
  • You can deliver items within 1-8 working days
  • You are registered with the Chamber of Commerce or Belgian Trade Register
  • You have a VAT number
  • Your returns policy extends to at least 30 days
  • You can respond to customers within 24 hours and in Dutch
  • You meet all their additional service standards

Another advantage to selling on Bol is that even if your customers choose to pay afterwards or in monthly instalments, the marketplace will still pay you in full upfront.

Read more about the benefits of using the Bol marketplace, or create an account now.


bonanza home and garden online marketplace

Rated as one of the “best entrepreneurial companies in America”, Bonanza is an online marketplace that stocks a wide variety of home and garden products including home décor, furniture, bedding, kitchen and dining items as well as garden décor and equipment.

Founded in 2008, Bonanza has more than 50,000 online sellers and global users across 199 countries. The home and garden marketplace was built on the principle of good customer experience – both for their merchants and online shoppers.

What’s more, Bonanza has been voted as eCommerce Bytes Sellers’ Choice as Most Recommended Marketplace by 60,000 independent sellers for five consecutive years.

Much like eBay, Bonanza offers a combination of a marketplace and a webstore. You can build your brand across the channel and avoid the stress of competing for the buy box.

When you sell an item directly through Bonanza, you will always pay a base fee of 3.5%, arguably much lower than the likes of Amazon and eBay. And that’s not even counting item listing fees – which don’t exist on Bonanza.

In addition, the home and garden online marketplace provides some high quality sales tools to help you optimise your interactions with your customers, such as a customer marketing tool and seller stats dashboard.

Get more information and start selling on Bonanza now.

Builder’s Bay

buildersbay home and garden online marketplace

On the home improvement side of the industry, Builder’s Bay is the go-to marketplace for building and home renovation. This specialty means that a very niche group of customers can be targeted here if you sell the right products, or have the odd product that you just need rid of.

Online sellers can make use of both the marketplace and their own branded storefront.

The marketplace search engine, known as Rocket, will use multiple channels to drive traffic to your listings, including organic search, paid advertising and Facebook. There are also a variety of on-site cross promotion tools you can utilise to convert traffic into sales.

With a dominant presence in the United Kingdom, you can create unlimited listings in exchange for a monthly subscription fee of £90.00. While this is a hefty cost, the marketplace will drive traffic to your listings – meaning you barely have to lift a finger.

Find out if Builder’s Bay is a good fit for you by dropping a message to their team.

catchcomau home and garden online marketplace

Founded in 2006, is an Australian online marketplace that enables sellers to list in many product categories, including home, kitchen, furniture and appliances.

The marketplace has more than four million customers and an item is sold every second on the platform, making it a profitable opportunity for those with the appropriate home goods.

Around 65% of its shoppers are female with an average age of 37, while the average cart size is 4.3 products and the average order value is $105 AUS (approximately £55).

As you can likely tell, this does mean that Catch buyers are motivated by affordability.  As such, most products are sold at heavily discounted prices.

In order to find out all the costs involved, you’ll need to fill out a form on the marketplace.


chairish home and garden online marketplace

Less than ten years old, Chairish is a premium source for chic and unique décor, furniture and home decorating inspiration. In other words, high-end home furnishings and art.

In fact, for standard and concierge sellers the online marketplace requires that all products need to be listed for a minimum of $250 USD. The site has openly said that it deliberately targets buyers and sellers that are of high style and high quality.

Chairish is a curated site, which means that your items will need to be approved by Anna Brockway and her fellow curators before they can be placed online. The company lives up to its mission to provide “high quality, designer and often unique home décor”.

While online sellers can absolutely make use of the marketplace, those who live in the San Francisco area can utilise a “concierge service” that handles all aspects of selling furniture.

It’s free to create up to nine listings, meaning that you can sell on consignment; however, there is a 30% flat commission rate upon the sale of your items. The marketplace also offers a free professional plan for 10+ products.

Should you need more from the leading home and garden marketplace, then you can purchase an Elite subscription for $149 a month. Wholesalers can also sell through Chairish.

You can find out more about selling on Chairish by creating an online account.

Decorative Collective

decorativecollective home and garden online marketplace

Established in Britain, the Decorative Collective is a global online marketplace for those who sell antique, mid-century modern, 20th and 21st century items for the home and garden.

There is no limit to the number of products you can list – though the site asks no more than five at any one time – and there are no commission rates.

Instead, members pay a monthly membership fee, although costs are not communicated on the site so you’ll need to contact the team.


eames home and garden online marketplace

Catering to a very specific audience, Eames is a dedicated marketplace for Eames original and vintage furniture and homewares.

For the few online sellers that fall into this subset, there are no listing fees and zero commission fees for the first six months. Listings are routinely vetted to ensure authenticity.

Register an Eames account to find out more and start selling on the marketplace.

eBay Worldwide

ebay home and garden online marketplace

While we’re almost positive you’ll be selling on eBay already, for the sake of a complete list of home and garden marketplaces we thought we’d throw it into the mix anyway.

eBay benefits from a worldwide presence, an enormous customer base and a huge number of tools available to support retailers grow their business. With 23 international sites, you can expand across new markets and scale up.

Although you can sell pretty much any item you wish across the marketplace, home and garden products are extremely popular. The most popular related categories include home improvement, kitchen, dining and bar as well as tools and workshop equipment.

In exchange for a monthly fee of £20.00, you’ll be able to set up your own eBay store – enabling you to build a brand on the marketplace and house all your products under one roof. There are also more advanced plans available, but we’re sure you know that.


ebuygumm home and garden online marketplace

eBuyGumm is a leading British online marketplace that sells products across a variety of industries, including but not limited to homewares, furniture, garden equipment and DIY.

The site strictly targets just the United Kingdom, which means that you will not be competing against any international sellers.

Registration is free and will give you standard membership status; however, with a premium or business membership you can bulk upload hundreds of products at once. Oddly though, there doesn’t seem to be any membership fees at this moment in time.

Instead, a transaction fee of 3.2% + 20p is charged upon receipt of transacted funds.             

Something else to keep in mind is that eBuyGumm uses Stripe as one of its online payments platform, which usually has additional fees associated with it. You can also use PayPal.

Find out more information about eBuyGumm now.


etsy home and garden online marketplace

With a focus on the unique, individual and handmade, Etsy is an ideal online marketplace for home and garden retailers, where you can reach millions of customers across the world.

In fact, thousands of products fall into home décor, kitchen and dining, bedding, outdoor and gardening, furniture, lighting and many other related categories.

Joining and starting on Etsy is free, but there are three basic selling fees to take into account – a per item listing fee ($0.20 USD), a transaction fee (5%) and a payment processing fee (4% + $0.20).

Etsy can also pay to advertise your items across the web. If you choose to use this service, then there is an additional 15% Offsite Ads fee.

Business sellers can also upgrade their account to a Plus plan for $10.00 a month, enabling you to customise your shop, email your Etsy customers, send them to your own online store and receive bonus listing and advertising credits.

Etsy runs a Seller Protection plan, giving retailers peace of mind in the event of a transaction dispute. If you are unable to resolve a disagreement and the transaction meets certain requirements, then Etsy will help you to resolve the issue through their resolution system.

Read about additional benefits to selling on Etsy and create an account today.


flipkart home and garden online marketplace

Flipkart is India’s leading eCommerce marketplace, with more than 80 million products across 80+ categories. Home and garden retailers can sell a huge number of products related to kitchen and dining, homewares, furniture, home improvement and more.

The online marketplace has around one hundred thousand sellers, one billion shoppers, ten million daily visits and technology that enables eight million monthly shipments.

There are three seller plans you can choose from on Flipkart, including Bronze Seller, Silver Seller and Gold Seller. Fees vary for each of these account plans.

Speaking of fees, there is a commission fee of the order item value (dependent on the category and/or sub-category) as well as a shipping fee (calculated on product weight and destination) a collection fee for using a payments platform and a small fixed transaction fee.

For a full breakdown of the costs involved, pay a visit to Flipkart’s Seller Hub.


folksy home and garden online marketplace

The United Kingdom’s equivalent to Etsy, Folksy is an online marketplace designed for retailers that specialise in unique and handmade goods, including furniture and homeware.

In fact, hundreds of thousands of shoppers across the world visit Folksy every month. Around 85% are based in the UK, 4% in Europe and 2% in Canada and Australia.

Home and garden retailers can choose between two plans – Basic and PLUS. The Basic plan is a great way to test the market, with three free listings and five images per each listing.

On the other hand, Folksy PLUS gets you unlimited listings, ten images per listing, featured items and a free Etsy import service.

Keep in mind that regardless of the plan you choose, there is a 6% (+ VAT) commission on any sales that you make. Listings last for 120 days so you will need to remember to renew them.

To see more benefits about selling on Folksy, simply create an account and go from there.


fonq home and garden online marketplace

A leading home and garden destination, fonQ is a Dutch online specialist in home, garden and lifestyle products. In 2018, it partnered with Mirakl to launch its own marketplace.

More specifically, the home and garden marketplace showcases items related to lighting, seating, cooking and dining as well as garden furniture and balcony décor.

In order to stay relevant to its customers and remain a leader in its industry within the Netherlands, fonQ curates all of its sellers and products. So, if you sell on fonQ, you will need to meet their demand for style and quality, adding real value for their audience.

There are no monthly selling fees and you can display your items for free. You will only be charged a variable commission (6-15%) on each successful sale.

To register your interest and start selling on fonQ, you’ll need to send them an application.


fruugoo home and garden online marketplace

While Fruugo is a vast global marketplace comprising of many different categories, there is large and distinct scope for home, garden, furniture, home décor and furniture retailers.

In fact, the leading marketplace has more than 1,000 sellers across 46 countries and enables sellers to automatically translate their listings into 17 languages with their own software.

That’s not all though.

There are no monthly fees, listing fees or marketing fees for any listed products. However, it’s worth considering that there is a 15% charge on a shopper’s basket value (exc. VAT) along with a transaction fee of 2.35%.

Each retailer that uses Fruugo is assigned a dedicated account manager. You can also get insights into product demand in foreign markets, enabling you to scale easily.

Any business that is registered in one of Fruugo’s 46 countries can sell on the marketplace.

Interested? Learn more about selling on Fruugo today.


fyndiq home and garden online marketplace

Established in 2010, Fyndiq is Sweden’s largest online marketplace with a broad range of product categories, including thousands of home and garden listings.

Through the Swedish-based marketplace, you can reach millions of customers who are ready to buy. Fruugo receives two million monthly visitors and has 1,700 active traders.

In terms of audience, both women and families with children are prime targets. What’s more, the marketplace creates loyal customers – around 68% are repeat buyers.

Fyndiq operates on a fair commission basis. Sales fees start from 10% plus an additional fixed priced product fee. There are no setup or monthly fees involved.

You can start selling on Fyndiq by opening an account on the marketplace.


gittigidiyor home and garden online marketplace

Gittigidiyor is Turkey’s largest online marketplace that operates across numerous eCommerce industries, such as home, decoration, garden and outdoor.

On average, the eBay-owned site has 60 million monthly visitors and the regular custom of around 19 million registered users. Interestingly, 64% of traffic comes from its mobile app.

Generally speaking, most retailers using Gittigidiyor list items at widely accessible prices – meaning that this is definitely a factor you’ll need to consider should you sell on the site.

While fees are currently unknown, the Turkish marketplace does charge a monthly membership fee, as well as listing fees and commission fees (6-17%).

Find out more about Gittigidiyor by signing up to the site.


houzz home and garden online marketplace

If you’re a home and garden retailer, then you’ll no doubt have heard of Houzz. It’s one of the best sources of inspiration for home design, decorating and renovation ideas. 

While Houzz is not strictly an online marketplace in the usual sense of the word, it does enable retailers with their own store to list their items on Houzz Marketplace. Interested shoppers will then be redirected to your website.

If you receive a sale that has come through the Houzz marketplace, then you will be charged a 15% commission fee for each product. Pay close attention to its non-compliance fees for any fulfilment issues, such as failure to ship or order cancellation due to being out of stock.

Of course, not all home and garden items are unique.

For sellers that offer the same product on the marketplace, Houzz will group these listings together and automatically decide on the most appropriate listing. This can be based on factors such as price, shipping time and performance metrics.

With a wide range of sellers in more than 900 categories relevant to the home and garden industry, Houzz is a great selling tactic worth some consideration.

If you want to learn more about selling through Houzz, reach out to its Seller Support team, referencing your company name, website and product categories.


manomano home and garden online marketplace

ManoMano is an online marketplace that focuses solely on the home improvement and garden industry, with product categories such as tools and hardware, garden and pets, lighting and home automation, bath and hydraulics as well as many more.

In addition to the United Kingdom, you also have the opportunity to enter various other European ManoMano platforms, including:

  • France
  • Spain
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Belgium

There are no listing nor seller fees on the home and garden marketplace; however, there are monthly subscription fees of €35 (exc. VAT) as well as commissions on each sale.

To find out more about selling on ManoMano, you’ll need to take a questionnaire.


market home and garden online marketplace

Although Market is a marketplace with many different product categories, there are plenty of home and garden sub-categories, including furniture, home décor and garden and patio.

Relatively new to the eCommerce scene, Market operates within the United Kingdom and all retailers on the site must have the legal and physical capability to fulfil orders in the UK.

Sellers on Market are able to create their own online store on the marketplace and customise it in order to suit their brand.

In terms of costs, there are no monthly or listing fees, which decreases the risk of testing out the sales channel for your business. However, for each sale you make there is a commission rate of 7%- 13% dependent on product category.

 Join the growing marketplace and get more information now.


newegg home and garden online marketplace

While Newegg heavily dominates the tech sector, the online marketplace also has many product categories related to the home and garden industry.

Examples include home décor, tools, appliances, smart home, kitchen and outdoor items.

Through Newegg, you can reach more than 40 million customers. Upon signing up, you’ll receive your own Newegg store that you can customise to entice these shoppers.

Although the site has a strong presence within the United States, if you’re selling from outside this country then Newegg provides a shortcut for expanding into this market through its cross-border fulfilment service.

There are three ways you can sell on the marketplace, including a Standard plan (no monthly cost), Professional plan ($29.95 a month) and an Enterprise plan ($99.95 a month).

On top of these ongoing costs, Newegg also charges a commission for each sale, which ranges from 8%-15%.

If you’d like to register as a Newegg seller, you’ll need to fill out an application.


notonthehighstreet home and garden online marketplace

Similar to many other large online marketplaces, Notonthehighstreet is home to numerous products, including but not limited to the likes of homeware, garden décor and furniture.

The British marketplace prides itself on stocking quirky and unique products that can’t be found in the average high street shop, receiving around 39 million unique visitors each year.

In addition, Notonthehighstreet has approximately 6,000 creative small businesses – 89% of which are run by women. The average turnover of its sellers is a modest £28,934.

However, Notonthehighstreet doesn’t operate quite in the way you might expect.

Instead of you listing your items, the marketplace completes this action for you. It also takes care of the marketing and payment side of each order, informing you at the right time so that you can fulfil your orders on time, every time.

On top of this, all products on this site are curated, which means that you will need to be accepted as an official partner of the marketplace.

If you want to sell through Notonthehighstreet, then you will need a UK or Irish business address. There’s a one-off joining fee of £199 and a 25% commission on sales.

Sound like a good fit? Apply to sell on the quirky marketplace today.


onbuy home and garden online marketplace

With millions of products from thousands of sellers, OnBuy is a fast-growing online marketplace that attracts more than eight million buyers.

For home and garden retailers, there is a broad range of categories worth selling on, such as garden and outdoor living, laundry and storage as well as kitchen, dining and barware.

If you decide to sell on OnBuy, then there are two account plans to consider.

First up, for £19.00 (exc. VAT) a month you will be put on the Standard plan, which includes unlimited listings, seller support, product marketing and more.

Alternatively, in exchange for £39.00 (exc. VAT) you can access the Partner plan, giving you all of the above plus improved search ranking, lead listing authority and priority support.

While there are no listing fees, there is a sales fee (5-9%) and an additional payment fee of 1.9%-3.4% along with PayPal payment fees (your existing rate).

If you’re interested in selling through the marketplace, you’ll need to fill out a form.


otto home and garden online marketplace

OTTO is a major online marketplace that is located in Germany and it has a big focus on furniture and living items, including kitchen and household goods, lamps and lighting, furniture, home décor and accessories as well as home textiles.

Through OTTO, you can access 7.5 million active users while the overall site benefits from an average of 1.9 million unique visitors each day. OTTO receives up to ten orders a second.

Predominantly, OTTO’s customers are aged 25-55. Around 65% are reportedly married women with an above average income. For marketplace sellers, OTTO represents the biggest opportunity in Germany after Amazon.

To sell on the marketplace, you’ll need a minimum of 100 product lines, a proven track record in online retail and an established business.

According to the UK Department for International Trade, there is a one-off registration fee of €10,000 while commissions vary from 15%-50% dependent on product category.

There is also a set of minimum requirements retailers need to meet:

  • Ban on sandblasted textiles
  • Ban on Uzbek cotton
  • Ban on real fur
  • Requirements for leather and fur
  • Requirements for feathers and down
  • Requirements for wool
  • Requirements for tropical timber and endangered timer species

To find out more about selling on OTTO, you’ll need to sign up as a prospective seller.


overstock home and garden online marketplace

Since its beginnings in 1999, Overstock has grown into a wildly successful home and garden online marketplace that specialises in furniture, rugs, home décor, kitchen, outdoor, bed and bath and home improvement.

Seller registration is free and listing fees range from $0.10-$3.15. Similar to eBay and Amazon, there are also final value fees (at 3% for items under $25.00).

If your items don’t sell, relisting is free.

Moreover, upgrading your listing and adding enhancing effects costs around a dollar for bold text and $5 to highlight text, while featured listings costs $13.20.

And, although the first picture for each of your listings is free, you can add up to six more for $0.10 each which can quickly add up if you sell hundreds of products.

For frequent Overstock sellers, you can pay a monthly subscription fee of $6.95 in order to upload 25 simultaneous listings.

If you’d like to become an Overstock partner, you can send the team an application.


pamono home and garden online marketplace

With a strong international presence, Pamono is a large curated online marketplace specialising in vintage and contemporary furniture, lighting and home accessories.

Pamono benefits from a millions-strong global audience of collectors, designers and enthusiasts and gives sellers access to detailed data insights and product promotions.

On top of this, the curated marketplace shoulders the responsibility of shipping your orders, giving you one less thing to worry about.

Although fees are not publicly available, it’s assumed there will at least be commission fees to consider, if not membership and other fees as well.

Get more information about selling on Pamono now.


rakuten home and garden online marketplace

As a key player in the global eCommerce industry, Rakuten boasts a huge number of items, with an array of home and garden products available, including:

  • Kitchen, dining and bar
  • Home décor, housewares and furniture
  • Gardening and tools
  • Home and office supplies

Not only is Rakuten the leading online marketplace in Japan, it is also the fourth largest marketplace in the world, making it a lucrative prospect indeed. In fact, 80% of Japan’s internet users (of which there are 119 million) actively use the site.

Rakuten operates as an online shopping mall, providing its sellers with their own online storefront. You can customise this area with your own branding.

At present, there are 111.4 million buyers on the leading marketplace, with close to 50,000 merchants and a domestic eCommerce GMS of about $30 billion dollars.

Rakuten can provide a direct shop plan for the following countries:

  • United Kingdom
  • United States
  • Canada
  • France
  • Germany
  • China
  • Hong Kong
  • Taiwan

However, as the shop interface is only provided in Japanese, you will need be highly proficient in language related to store setup, customer support, page maintenance, order and return management and marketing campaigns.

There are also a variety of marketplace fees you’ll want to consider, such as:

  • Registration fee (60,000 JPY or $552 USD)
  • Monthly fixed fee (50,000 JPY or 460 USD)
  • Commissions (2%-4% or 0.5%+ via mobile)
  • System enhancement fee (0.1%)
  • Payment processing fee (2.5%-3.5%)
  • Affiliate fee (2.6%-10.4% for sales via an affiliate)

Find out more information on Rakuten and expand across the Japanese market.

realde home and garden online marketplace is a German online marketplace that is home to a variety of different types of products, including kitchen, household and garden related items.

The site provides retailers access to approximately 2.6 million customers and doesn’t charge any listing fees. In place of this, charges a monthly fee of €39.95 and commissions are taken for each sale, dependent on product category.

This monthly subscription gives you unlimited product listings, stellar customer service, online and offline marketing opportunities, an automatic repricing tool and more.

Scale your home and garden business across Germany by selling through


rebels market home and garden online marketplace

Admittedly quite an obscure online marketplace targeted to a niche audience, RebelsMarket sells products with an alternative twist. This includes home and décor items.

More specifically, the home and décor category extends across lighting, furniture, kitchen and dining, stationery, bedroom and bathroom sub-categories.

Through RebelsMarket, you can reach more than seven million loyal customers who are big fans of the alternative scene. The site caters to unique, edgy and rebellious styles.

While there are no sign-up fees to sell on the marketplace, RebelsMarket does take 15% of the final sale (excluding shipping costs) but in terms of costs, that’s all.

To be clear, that means no setup fees, no listing fees, no monthly fees and no contracts.

In addition, RebelsMarket uses built-in marketing to promote your store and products.

If you have some alternative home and garden products, apply to be a RebelsMarket seller.


sears home and garden online marketplace

Are you looking to reach a U.S. customer base? Sears is a great alternative to the likes of eBay and Amazon, with a wide range of home and garden goods sold across the platform.

Like a fair few other top marketplaces, Sears offers its own fulfilment service, Fulfilled by Sears. If you take advantage of this then you’ll benefit from 24/7 support and flexible payment terms thanks to its pay-as-you-go pricing model.

However, keep in mind that if you are an international merchant then there are additional requirements you’ll need to meet to sell on the marketplaces.

For example, Sears requires sellers to have as U.S. warehouse (this can include a third-party fulfilment service) as well as a US-based business address (you can do this through a partner) and a US bank account (again, this can be done through a payments partner).

Last but not least, you’ll need a valid U.S. tax identification number.

To sell on Sears, you’ll need to pay a monthly subscription fee of $39.99, which allows you to receive an unlimited number of orders. You’ll also be charged a commission rate on each product, dependent on which category it falls into.

Start selling on Sears by filling out a form and sending it to their team.


selency home and garden online marketplace

Selency is a British online marketplace for consignment furniture and antiques, servicing millions of users every month. Specifically, there are product categories related to seating, lighting, décor, garden accessories, art and more.

You can register on Selency, create a store and put ads online for free. The site only takes a commission when you make a sale (18% inc. tax for professional sellers).

You’ll need to create an account in order to sell on Selency.


shpock home and garden online marketplace

While Shpock serves a huge number of product categories much like many other online marketplaces, the site also offers an extensive home and garden category, which is home to thousands of related products.

With more than ten million monthly active users, one hundred million monthly product searches and €100 million in sales, Shpock is a market opportunity worth exploring.

If you sign up to sell on Shpock, then you’ll be provided with your own Shpock Shop. Through this, you can list products, organise your products by different criteria and manage the status of all your sales.

In addition, the online marketplace gives you access to performance insights to help drive the growth of your business.

To join Shpock, there are four membership plans to choose from:

  • Regional 25 (£19.00 per month)
  • Regional 50 (£29.00 per month)
  • National 50 (£59.00 per month)
  • National 100 (£99.00 per month)

Each of these plans benefit from unlimited listings but have two different levels of reach – regional or national – as well as a couple of other variances. You will either be put on a six month contract or a 12 month contract.

Interested? Experience 30 days of Shpock for free, no credit card required.

The Kairos Collective

kairos home and garden online marketplace

The Kairos Collective is an online marketplace that specialises in rare, antique and designer furniture, lighting and decorative objects from a range of eras, styles and price points.

At this moment in time, the marketplace is actively seeking out seating, various types of tables, decorative lighting, accessories, textiles and cushions.

Bear in mind that Kairos is a curated marketplace, which means the site isn’t open to just anyone. Instead, you’ll need to apply and gain personal approval to become a seller.

Should you be accepted, then you’ll benefit from total brand visibility. Each listing includes your contact information, a link to your Kairos storefront, a direct link to your online store and unmonitored communication forms.

In addition to this, Kairos will upload your listings for you, adding in meta data written by a team of SEO specialists to help build your online presence.

In order to become a seller on Kairos, you’ll need to sign up and pay a monthly subscription fee. Unlike other marketplaces, there are no commissions taken on sales.

Apply online to join the Kairos community and start selling more.


tmall home and garden online marketplace

Alibaba-owned Tmall is an extremely popular online marketplace with a wide range of product categories, operating in China. For home and garden retailers, you can sell furniture, home appliances, kitchen wares, home improvement goods and more.

One of the best things about Tmall is that if you are an international seller, you don’t need a Chinese business licence nor a physical presence in the country.

That said, it’s worth remembering that the leading site has very high standards and is therefore particularly selective about the brands it accepts. Gaining approval to sell on the marketplace can take between four to eight months – and that’s an average wait time.

There are four store types you can utilise on Tmall, including:

  • Flagship store (Tmall store with its own brand)
  • Specialty store (Tmall store with a brand authorised by the trademark owner)
  • Store-type flagship store (A service type trademark operating multiple brands)
  • Franchise store (Operating two or more brands under the same category of Tmall)

Fees vary dependent on these plans. Get more information about selling on Tmall now.


trademe home and garden online marketplace

Established in 1999, TradeMe is the largest online marketplace in New Zealand. With access to over three million buyers, it’s a great opportunity for domestic and international retailers to reach a New Zealand audience.

The eCommerce site provides buyers with an extensive number of product categories to browse from. For home and garden brands, an appropriate fit is the home and living category – with products relevant to the kitchen, lounge, garden, outdoors and much more.

In fact, home and living product ranges dominate TradeMe. That means that while there is strong competition, there is also an equally strong demand from customers.

So, what are the costs involved in?

To start with, there are no membership fees and no listing fees. You’ll only pay a commission once a sale has been made. These are 7.9% of the price, with a maximum of $249.00 NZD and no fees for items that sell for $1.00 or less. Relisting is free.

There are, however, optional promotional extras to help reach your buyers, which you can take advantage of for a small fee. For example, promoting your listing or adding text effects to your product titles.

It’s worth mentioning that if you withdraw your listing before it closes you will be charged a $3.00 NZD fee or the applicable commission if you have sold the item.

On top of this, sellers are given a listing allowance of 50 listings. You may receive a larger allowance based on your total sales. This is based on the last six weeks of selling.

If you want to be able to create more listings, you’ll incur a $0.10 high volume listing fee for each additional listing.

You can save 15% of all these fees by coming a TradeMe Top Seller. In order to qualify for this status, you’ll need to have had 60 purchases (or have made $10,000 NZD in the past six weeks) as well as a 98% feedback rating and a high sell-through rate of 10%.

To get more information on TradeMe, you’ll need to register an account.


trouva home and garden online marketplace

Created specifically for independent boutique retailers selling design-led home and garden goods, Trouva is a niche marketplace with a highly engaged community of homemakers.

In fact, Trouva has a reach of more than one and a half million global customers. It prides itself on being a hot destination for unique and hard-to-find products. As such, all retailers are handpicked by the Trouva team, ensuring high-quality brands only.

What’s more, 80% of boutiques receive an order within two days of going live. However, Trouva is unique in the sense that you must have a physical shop with fixed opening hours.

To be perfectly clear, Trouva will not approve you if you only sell online.

So, what can you sell across the home and garden online marketplace?

  • Room décor
  • Furniture
  • Lighting
  • Soft furnishings
  • Kitchen and dining goods
  • Home accessories
  • Garden décor
  • Garden furniture

Got a physical store? Learn more about selling on Trouva today.


vinterior home and garden online marketplace

Vinterior is another niche online marketplace, where the world buys and sells remarkable vintage and antique furniture across every lifestyle, budget and taste.

Product categories are inclusive of seating, storage, tables, lighting, art, accessories, mirrors, rugs as well as garden furniture and décor.

The unique home and garden online marketplace operates in Britain with a global reach and stocks over 100,000 home products from more than 1,500 professional sellers. As another curated site, you’ll need to apply to become a seller.

In terms of costs, there are no membership fees, but a commission is charged in a per-sale basis (approximately 20%). There are no other fees involved in selling on Vinterior.

To find out more, you’ll need to register your interest as a Vinterior seller.


walmart home and garden online marketplace

As one of the largest marketplaces in the United States, Walmart is home to an enormous variety of products covering various retail categories.

More specifically, for the home and garden industry there are four major product categories on Walmart, with many additional related sub-categories:

  • Home, furniture and appliances
  • Home improvement
  • Patio and garden
  • Outdoors

Although Walmart has historically only been available to American sellers, the marketplace is starting to open its doors to international sellers based in the United Kingdom, Canada and China on an invitation-only basis.

By joining the online marketplace, you will be able to reach over 100 million monthly unique visitors to the eCommerce site. Walmart looks for reputable retailers that can provide first-class customer service, compelling products, competitive pricing and fast fulfilment.

So, what seller fees will you have to pay?

Just one. A reasonable referral fee once a sale has occurred on the eCommerce site, which ranges between 15%-20% for the above four categories.

In order to sell on Walmart, fill out an application on the site.


wayfair home and garden online marketplace

Wayfair is a leading home and garden online marketplace that operates in the United Kingdom. Sell on the site and you’ll gain access to more than 19 million customers.

That’s not all though. In the last year alone, Wayfair’s customers spent a total of $8 billion across more than 35 million orders – a very lucrative prospect indeed.

Across the marketplace, you can sell home décor, furniture, bed and bath items, rugs, lighting, renovation items and kitchenware as well as garden décor, lighting and furniture.

Unlike traditional eCommerce marketplaces, Wayfair does not take a percentage of your sales. Instead, it operates on a wholesale cost model, meaning you will be paid the wholesale cost of your items, while Wayfair sets the retail price.

What’s more, Wayfair also takes care of 100% of the shipping cost as the eCommerce site is built on a dropshipping model. You will still need to fulfil and ship your orders though.

If Wayfair sounds like a good fit for your home and garden business, create an account now.

Wolf & Badger

wolfandbadger home and garden online marketplace

Established in 2010, Wolf & Badger is a global curated marketplace for independent and ethical brands. It is unique in the sense that it operates online and has a physical store presence in both London and New York.

The eCommerce site reaches millions of customers worldwide and offers many products, including those that fall into home décor, lighting, home accessories and kitchen and bathroom product categories.

In fact, Wolf & Badger is 90% stocked with brands that go through an application process to apply for retail space in its physical stores and online.

Once a brand has been selected, a membership fee is applied. This contributes to all the additional services involved, such as PR and marketing efforts from Wolf & Badger.

However, your products will need to stand out and shine, as the site only takes on about one in every ten of those that apply. Wolf & Badger seeks out beautifully made, ethical, unique and independent designs that fits within its brand values.

If you want to start selling on the marketplace, apply here. A response can take two weeks.


zibbet home and garden online marketplace

Last but not least, Zibbet is an online marketplace that helps more than 50,000 creative entrepreneurs sell more. You keep 100% of the profits for the sales you make, which means there are no commissions and no listing fees.

While there is a range of artisan products, home and garden brands can sell the following:

  • Homewares
  • Home décor
  • Furniture
  • Lighting
  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • Outside décor

To sell on the Zibbet marketplace, retailers pay a monthly fee of just $5.00 USD.

Sound like a good fit? Try Zibbet free for 14 days and see for yourself.

Diversify your business to accelerate your sales

So, there we have it. More than forty home and garden online marketplaces that you can explore, sell products through and scale your business across.

Hopefully you’ll have found some new sales channels that you hadn’t heard of before, and if you know of any more worth adding, let us know in the comments below.

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