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Ebay Competition analysis & Pricing App


The Linnworks Team are excited to unveil the latest app in the Linnworks Application Store. The eBay Price and Competition Analysis Application is perfect for anyone selling on eBay, and will help them price their items competitively against the competition.

The Application can be installed from directly within the Application Store.

This Application is already proving popular with Linnworks customers by storming into being the most downloaded Application on the store, with over 200 downloads already!

What can the app do?

The eBay Price and Competition Analysis application finds competitors for your listings, and lets you quickly compare your prices against your competitors. The app searches for EAN, UPC, eBay Product Catalogue and also by keywords if the product identification is not available. It shows you all competitor listings, your best match rank against similar listings and summary price comparison.

For more information, the developer has put together a great how-to video that you can watch below.


About the Linnworks Application Store

The Linnworks Application store is an open-source platform for 3rd party partners and developers to build and offer extra features and functionality for the Linnworks Order Management System. With 12 Apps up and running and many more to come, make sure you keep an eye on this exciting part of the system. 

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