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eBay Cross Border Trading - Mountain Warehouse Case Study


eBay have been busy the last few months, really pushing the concept of Cross Border Trading on their 4 million plus eBay sellers. One of the most recent Cross Border Trading promotions enables sellers to list for free on the French, Italian and Spanish eBay sites.

Since the 2nd September 2013, eligible sellers have been able to make up to 10,000 listings per month on, and websites and have not had to pay Insertion and Final Value fees on any of those listings.

What a deal! And it only gets better, this offer has now been extended until the 28th February 2014 so there is still time to get retailing throughout Europe. eBay account managers have been working closely with their clients to assist them moving into new overseas markets, and we would like to share one of eBay's latest Cross Border Trading case studies with you.

eBay Mountain Warehouse



Mountain Warehouse is a British travel and outdoor retailer developing the very best outdoor gear for all the family, including hiking, camping and skiing equipment. Amid challenging conditions for retailers, it has continued to thrive. And unlike most outdoor retailers, almost all the products it sells through its stores and website are exclusive to Mountain Warehouse. As founder Mark Neale comments, “Everything we do is focused on serving our growing group of customers through the best gear, the best service and the best price”.

How did eBay help?

In order to grow its customer base, Mountain Warehouse wanted to create an international omnichannel presence delivering high sales growth for a low investment cost – no mean achievement.
To do this, they used eBay’s global infrastructure to enter new markets with their full new in-season range without the huge capital investment that would have been needed to do it on their own. Mountain Warehouse opened their store on in summer 2012.
81% of businesses on eBay sell internationally to 5 or more countries and so the opportunity for international expansion was immediately apparent.
They started selling internationally, as most merchants do, by simply selecting the option to ship internationally. Many eBay merchants find this a very easy way to test different markets, immediately increasing the addressable audience from 18.5 million in the UK, to 124 million worldwide.
What Mountain Warehouse found was that they were able to sell their seasonal products all year round, by entering new international markets. This is the first year since it was established in 1997 that the company was able to sell wetsuits in January or Skiwear in July – during the hottest summer for 7 years – as well as increasing sales in the core UK market.

Mountain Warehouse Cross Border Trade

Mountain Warehouse wanted to go further than just selling to global buyers that visit eBay’s UK site, and be visible alongside local sellers. They have now established where the international demand is for their products. This means that, in addition to the USA and Australia, Mountain Warehouse are opening local language stores on eBay’s German, French, Spanish and Italian sites with localised product information and seasonal merchandising. Each store has the full range of inventory and when a viewer in Germany, France, Italy or Spain views the listing, they see it in their local language and currency, offering local customer service, whether on desktop or mobile.

As well as expanding into developed markets, eBay helped Mountain Warehouse enter emerging markets such as Brazil, Russia, India and China. Buyers in these markets see a tailored eBay experience when they visit This means they see all the inventory that ships to those markets from UK and US merchants. eBay has just launched tools so merchants can create specific local language stores and experiences for these emerging markets too.


International trade has become international commerce, something not done just by big corporations but by merchants of every shape and size. eBay’s conversations with Mountain Warehouse and other merchants are increasingly about which countries they want to expand to with their full range, and how they can leverage eBay to get there in a couple of months - not a couple of years.

You could achieve this too with Linnworks!

Linnworks Cross Border Trade

It’s apparent that Mountain Warehouse carefully tested the international waters prior to swimming in them. They did this by offering the option to ship internationally from their original listings, and the results were positive!
This is a very sensible way to get started in Cross Border Trading, and you can quite clearly see that it worked for Mountain Warehouse.
Mountain Warehouse did not use the Linnworks Software on the path to becoming Advanced International Sellers, but you certainly can!
If you were to list to eBay marketplaces through the Linnworks Software you can offer International Site Visibility on US, UK and Canadian marketplaces for your listings in bulk.
Please be aware that fees would be applicable for listing in this manner. We at Linn Systems highly recommend weighing up the differences between offering international visibility and localising your listings prior to overseas expansion.
Although you are offering international visibility and you might be receiving orders from other national sites, Linnworks has a highly customisable Open Orders screen, which allows you to control, filter and manipulate all of your international orders in a singular interface.
Using Linnworks Analytics and Reporting tools you can assess where your visibility is optimal and use this data to gauge where your peak demand is coming from geographically. Once prepared, you can begin to localise your listings and optimise your visibility and sales further, similar to Mountain Warehouse.

Would you like to find out more about international trade with eBay in conjunction with Linnworks? Send us an email to

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