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eBay new 'Managed Returns' process

Recently eBay introduced a new managed returns process for UK online sellers. This process has previously been tested in the US with success – Sellers have reported an increase in sales conversions, lower operational costs, and improved feedback ratings.

Let’s take a look at some of the features of the new managed returns process:

  • Buyers can now easily print a tracked return label (Collect+), allowing both the seller and the buyer to view the parcel’s delivery state. Buyers are linked to Collect+ to see their tracking information.
  • When a buyer returns an item, eBay will credit you with the final value fee charge and you can re-list free of charge.
  • If you’d like to receive returns at multiple address or let buyers keep an item they want to return under certain conditions (such as those below a certain price) with an immediate refund, you can now create automation rules that help simplify the handling process.

The new functionality has been designed to give buyers a consistent way to initiate returns, regardless of which seller they buy from. By implementing this, eBay strongly believe that it will give sellers a more efficient way to offer and manage returns in a time effective manner with a reduction in the amount of effort for your buyers.

There is a wealth of benefits for UK online sellers using the new managed returns process:

  • By offering clear returns process and policies, sellers have seen up to 9% sales uplift.
  • Online sellers may see a reduction in customer service costs as there will be less communication with buyers on returns.
  • A simple one-stop-shop for returns satisfies buyers and could help sellers receive better feedback ratings.
  • Sellers receive the final value fee in your next invoice and there are no re-listing fees when they use the new managed returns process
  • Sellers are protected against abusive buyer behaviour: all returns information is fully recorded, sellers can now report a buyer if needed.
  • Buyers better understand that the claims process should n0t be used to resolve returns problems, meaning less risk of buyer claims for you.
  • Each return has a standard insurance coverage of £50.



To get involved with the new process, you must first opt-in. There are some requirements to take into consideration prior to opting in:

  • Your items must be less than 10kg in weight.
  • The package dimensions need to be a maximum of 60 x 50 x 50cm
  • Your product must be posted to an end destination within the UK.
  • The buyer must have bought the item using PayPal.

The changes to Managed Returns in eBay will not affect Linnworks users at all, with the new features integrating directly into Linnworks’ Returns functionality. When a customer raises a return through eBay, it will be booked directly into the Returns screen whereby you will be able to complete further actions such as issuing refunds and providing alternative return addresses.

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