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eBay Trials New Returns Options System Giving Sellers More Choice For Handling Returns


When it comes to customers returning goods, the view that the customer is always right is about to be challenged by none other than eBay itself. Unfortunately for the marketplace giant, there is a general view amongst eBay sellers that when an eBay Money Back Guarantee claim is made, they almost always side with the buyer, however their latest move may well shift this perception by giving more power to the seller.

eBay is currently undertaking a trial that will give sellers more choice about how they wish to respond to these claims, in a bid to help them get the results they think they deserve, especially when it comes to ‘not as described’ or suspected fraudulent returns.

Specifically, once an item is returned to a seller and has been inspected, if the seller doesn’t agree with the reason for the return and doesn’t wish to proceed with a full refund, they will be able to make the decision on how to handle the refund out of the following options:

  • Issue a full refund for the cost of the item and original shipping
  • Refund the full cost of the item, but select whether to:
    • Refund the original shipping amount paid
    • Charge the buyer for the return shipping cost
    • Charge the buyer the restocking fee listed in your policy (note that this won’t always be shown for certain international transactions, as some countries don’t permit restocking fees)
  • Do not refund the item and ask eBay to help with the situation, if the item returned to you does not match the item you originally shipped

In addition to this, eBay are investing more into improving the guidance and procedures that are given to their customer support reps who handle the adjudications.   

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This is currently being trialled on a number of UK and US sellers, and should eBay decide to roll it out universally, it will likely be a welcome change to many eBay sellers across the globe, giving them the power to handle returns in whatever way they deem appropriate.

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