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Exciting New Updates To Linnworks Inventory Management Software

For the last few months, the Linnworks Development Team have been hard at work improving the way that Linnworks manages inventory, by adding an extensive range of new features to the system. Specifically, this new functionality is designed to enhance the way Linnworks tracks and manages your inventory. 

Exciting New Linnworks Releases.jpg

To help you better understand these new releases, we have put together five dedicated blog posts detailing each change and how it can benefit your business. You can read each article by clicking the respective link below:

Remember, Inventory Batch Tracking is completely optional and you should only enable it for items that would benefit from it

Want to learn more?

Linnworks' Implementation Specialist, Chris Gates, Sat down with one of our Developers Patrick to discuss these latest changes and find out more about how they will affect you as a Linnworks user. You can watch the video below.