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Growth, change and opportunity


Fedor Dzjuba - CEO at Linn Systems

Linn Systems, and therefore Linnworks, have reached another stage in our growth as a company, and as a product. Since 2008, the core of the Linnworks system has grown, adding new capabilities and becoming compatible with an increasing number of sales channels, couriers and other services.

To enable this growth, we've taken on new staff in Support, in Development and in other areas. Recently, we grew to 40 team members between our two offices, which seems incredible looking back even a year ago.

As this growth has occurred, our user base has grown and changed as well. Linnworks as a product has matured, and now it's being used by larger companies as well as our original users from the SME market. We've brought on board sellers with higher profiles, such as Blue Inc, DFS, Toyota and Sony Music.

These customers have some unique requirements, and our team has risen to the challenge again and again. We've been improving and enhancing our core functionality, adding new tools and features, and making sure Linnworks can grow with our existing customers, as well as being able to welcome newer members to our community at all levels.

Our next step is to offer a new customisable plan for larger clients with more tailoring. This means that, with help from our partners, we can assist them in getting the performance and assistance a larger business needs to move into a new Business Automation system.

More than this, with our new team, we're working to increase our support hours to have trained Technical Specialists available until later in the day, allowing them to be available to assist customers not just in the UK and Europe, but the US and other parts of the world. In August we're planning to increase our core support hours from 9am to 5pm BST to 9am to 9pm BST.

As the software and our company have changed, both because of our growth and to enable it, we've made some other changes, as you will no doubt have noticed. We recently revamped, just as we revamped earlier this year. This has allowed us to emphasise the maturity of our team and platform, alongside our growth.

Linnworks New Motto

We've updated the Linnworks logo and motto to show our growth from 'just' an order management system to a major enabling product for the eCommerce world. We've simplified our subscription options based on our experience over the last few years, going from 9 options to just 5. We've removed the Local Subscription options, and moved Express to the Anywhere platform.

I want to emphasise that the adjustments affect new customers coming on board primarily, and existing customers won't be forced to transition from Local at this time. However, you should be aware that our development team's targets for new functionality are focused on the Anywhere platform, while Local will still be getting updates for security, stability and existing features. We have new and exciting updates in store, and we believe strongly that things will be getting better.

If you're currently a Local subscriber, we're not forcing you to move to Anywhere. That's still your decision. However, if you want to talk to our Customer Service team, we can explain the benefits and changes involved, and we have made attractive discounts available if you are interested in making the transition.

To us, Linnworks Anywhere offers reliability, performance, accessibility and security. It also makes support faster and more efficient, minimising the impact on your enterprise's performance. We believe that it's the best version of Linnworks yet, with access to LinnLive and Autonomous Synchronisation to give you peace of mind and access to the complete set of features.

Moreover, we've brought to the fore our updated and improved Partner directory, making it easier than ever for new and existing clients to get access to a pool of experts in a wide range of associated industries. This means that while we focus on building a better, faster and more capable Linnworks system for you to use, we can help you get started. With access to our network of talented professionals, Linnworks can help you and your business reach their potential faster, and be less reliant on trial and error.

In practice the result is that from the Linnworks homepage you can now fill our partner services form with information about your business and requirements. Once received, our team of specialists here at the Linn Systems head office will ensure we put you in touch with the right people to help you and your business to get things moving as quickly as possible.

Moving on from here, we have no intention of standing still or resting on our laurels. Our development team are looking at new options to grow the system, with selling channels, new couriers and other options all on the 'to do' list. Our Support team continue to work to make sure any issues you have are resolved as quickly as possible. Our Product Management team keep working to make sure that those people that are interested in Linnworks, or are already using it, get the right information and assistance for their business' needs, making our community richer, and helping the system to continue to grow and improve.

Ultimately, Linnworks will continue to change and to grow, because in the fast moving world of eCommerce, if you don't move, you get left behind and overtaken. We here at Linn Systems have no intention of taking second place, or letting the sellers that use our system fall behind. We're the best at what we do, but we are going to get better still. Linnworks allows businesses from 1 person to 1,000 to start and then grow with us. It will often already look after your needs, or often grow in ways that anticipate them. Our team, and our partners, might even be able to show you options you didn't know you had available.

We want to carry on being the right solution for as many of you as possible, whatever you sell, and wherever you're selling it. It's been a busy 5 years, but stick around for the next 5 and beyond, the best is yet to come.

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