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How to get the most out of the latest ecommerce trends with linnworks


As an online retailer, it's important that you are not only aware of the upcoming trends in the eCommerce industry, but that you are also in a position to capitalise on these trends to effectively benefit your business. Here is how you can capitalise on the biggest trends in eCommerce, through the use of an order management system such as Linnworks.

An Ever Increasing Number of Channels

With the number of online selling channels growing significantly, the biggest challenge for many online retailers is being about to effectively manage these channels. There is no denying that the process of manually managing a number of platforms is not only a huge time constraint, but it also increases the risk of human error. Fortunately, the use of a multichannel solution like Linnworks, can reduce costs and save time by automating key processes, including order management, stock control and listing management. 

24 Hour Service

While it may not be financially viable to offer 24-hour support, at Linnworks we integrate with a number of services that offer alternative options, while still enabling you to provide a high standard of customer service. By using a service such as ReplyManager, you are able to set auto-responders, which inform both your customers, and the channel you're selling on, that you are looking into their question or issue, helping to eliminate any potential issues. 

Find out more information about the Linnworks and ReplyManager integration here. 

Same Day Delivery

For any company providing a same-day delivery service, it is crucial that you have the ability to quickly and efficiently process and dispatch orders. One of the core functions of Linnworks is order management (fulfilment and shipping of orders), and we work hard to provide all of our customers with the ability to dispatch orders quickly, more reliably and at a reduced cost.

Higher Expectations

With the eCommerce industry growing at a rapid rate, expectations amongst buyers are continuing to increase. The good news, however, is that whether it be demands for faster delivery time, order correction or returns and refunds, Linnworks has helped over 4000 businesses not only meet their customers' expectations, but go above and beyond to exceed them. For more information on how you can enhance customer experience to maximise business growth, read our recent blog post here.

Social Shopping

With social platforms such as Google, YouTube, Facebook and Pinterest becoming increasingly popular amongst online buyers, it has never been more important for online retailers to maintain correct stock levels across your selling channels. 

Linnworks enables you to keep all of your selling channels up-to-date with the right stock levels, helping to reduce the risk of overselling, and workse, risk damaging your reputation.

Find out more about how you can reduce the risk of overselling in your business.

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