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How To Grow Your Online Business

Growing a successful eCommerce business is a common goal for the vast majority of business owners, and while some succeed, there is no denying that others simply don’t. But what exactly limits you from achieving the same level of success that thousands of others have experienced?

Time? Money? Disappointed customers that arise from overselling and other common human errors?

Unfortunately, there are only so many hours in a day and trying to wear multiple business hats, while manually listing your products, updating order information and stock levels and printing shipping labels doesn’t leave much time to focus on growth strategies.

So, how do you grow a small business?

Probably the best, and most realistic answer is business automation.

Over the past decade, technology has evolved phenomenally across almost every industry, and this most certainly includes eCommerce.

Specifically, thousands of companies across the globe have adopted the use of a inventory management system, to automate their online business operations, while saving time and reducing their costs.

The bottom line is, it takes a solid foundation to build and expand a successful business.

If you’re thinking about selling on multiple marketplaces and eCommerce platforms, you will definitely need to consider the use of an inventory and order management system

How to increase online sales for your eCommerce business

Foundations aside, when it comes to growing an online business you will need to ultimately increase your sales, which will rely on raising brand awareness, driving traffic to your website and/or marketplace listings and finally converting these visitors into sales.

Below, we have provided three simple tips and best practices on how you can do this.

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51 ecommerce growth tips

1. Increase email subscribers

Email marketing is a great way to keep both your potential and existing customer’s engaged with your brand and aware of your products. In fact, having a strong email list can make a huge difference to website traffic and ultimately sales.

When it comes to growing this list, there are a number of things you can do, including placing a subscribe button on both your website and eCommerce checkout, offering a discount code in return for email sign-ups, running a competition and promoting your newsletter in-store.

For ideas on how to get started with email marketing, the different types of eCommerce email you can send and more tips on growing your customer base, consider subscribing to our 6 lessons in email marketing for eCommerce, email training course.

2. Optimise your product pages and/or marketplace listings

Getting a potential buyer to land on your product page, whether that be on your website or online marketplace, is only the first step in increasing sales. In order to actually convert them into a paying customer, you will need to effectively optimise these pages.

To start with, think about providing some context to the item.

While showcasing the item using high-quality visuals and at different angles is really important, it can also help to show the item being worn by a model (if you are selling clothing, footwear or accessories), or displayed in a real-life environment (should you sell homeware goods).

Another important thing to keep in mind is eCommerce SEO.

Make sure you are using the keywords that your potential customers will be searching for and use this data to structure your product title and description. Google’s Keyword Planner is a great free tool to help you understand search volumes for specific search terms.

3. Re-engage lost customers

One of your main goals should be to encourage website visitors who have added items to their basket, to ultimately close the sale. After all, these visitors have already expressed an intent to purchase, making them highly receptive to follow-up communications.

If you already have their email address, send them a reminder email about their unfinished purchase and inform that their products are still saved but only for a limited time.

This is a proven way to increase sales, for the simple reason that it instils a sense of urgency. If you don’t have their contact details, consider saving their items in the basket and reminding them of these products upon their next visit to your site.

Alternatively, give retargeting a go.

51 ecommerce growth tips

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