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How To: The New Data Import Tool


It’s here! What’s here? The new data import tool for Linnworks of course!

Powered by the pioneering technology especially developed for, we are going to show you how the new data import tool works, discuss its features and explain how it can benefit your business even more.

What’s the benefits of the New Data Import Tool?

The new data import tool now allows you to import all of your inventory in one spreadsheet. Using the new Inventory import feature, you can now upload all of your products, extended properties, variations, images and much more from one spreadsheet. The only aspect that needs a separate import is composite items (kit or bundle items).

It also allows you to schedule your imports from a FTP or Dropbox account, and this is not just one import a day, with the new scheduler you can even set it to import every hour. Great for product feeds and updates!

Can I export data too?

Yes, the new tool also has the option to export data. Just like the new data import tool, the data export tool can be used once or configured to sync at a set period of time to a Dropbox, FTP, SFTP or HTTP location.

The exports include, inventory, inventory images, compositions, open orders, processed orders, cancelled orders and even a custom option for customised exports.

How do I use the Tool?

The new data import is browser based and can be accessed via 2 methods:

  1. Using the old data import tool, you will now see a new screen. The screen will present you with a link to the new data import tool: the  “Import, Export” icon.
  2. The second method is logging on to in your browser, go to settings in the side menu, then Import Export Data, and finally clicking on Import Data.

We have a video explaining how to use the new data Import tool. Also if you would like to see the docs for the new import tool, it can be found here 


Why do I need to change from the Old Data Import Tool?

Well you don’t, you can still access the old data import tool in exactly the same way as before. We have decided to allow you the option of both tools but we do recommend the new tool (see the benefits).

To access the old tool, you will see a little link at the bottom of the data import screen in the desktop application.

I have another question!

That’s great, I would love to hear your questions & so would the rest of the team.

Grab us on Twitter @LINNWORKS with the hashtag #DataImport or find me personally using the handle @McEcommerce.

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