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How To: Integrate to Linnworks


In this How to guide, Charlie McBroom will demostrate how to integrate Rakuten to Linnworks.


Before we start you need the following Prerequisites:

  • An approved Rakuten UK store based on the following criteria as defined by Rakuten
    • Header Image with shop logo / name linked to Shop Top page (home page)
    • Shop Top page with highlighted offers or shop categories
    • Non-pixelated shop images
    • Shop categories, with pro
      ducts mapped to them, following a logical progression / order
    • Default text altered / removed from editable blocks
    • Shop Information page with descriptive details of company information
    • Returns policy that adheres to online & distance selling regulations
    • Shipping options, clearly named and described
    • High percentage of available product range added to the shop
    • One headline product with extensive description and multiple product images
    • Good quality product images with minimum 300px x 300px dimensions
    • Where possible, shop to meet similar standard (or higher) of existing web shops
  • Access to the API details

How To: Integrate Step by Step

Step 1. In Linnworks, go to Settings -> Channel Integration


Step 2. Click on Add New Channel -> Select Integrate next to Rakuten


Step 3. Enter your Account Name and other details into the Rakuten New Account Screen



Step 4. Click Test, should show "Looks OK" and then Click Create

Step 5. Once created, click Config to configure your integration.



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