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eBay Worldwide: A Complete List of International eBay Sites

With 23 international sites and a wider presence in over 100 countries worldwide, eBay is a fantastic marketplace to sell on, particularly if you’re looking to expand your business overseas.

In fact, with a universal user ID you are able to easily sell to customers across the globe, either by enabling international postage on your domestic listings, or by listing directly on eBay’s worldwide sites.

But what exactly are these international eBay sites and what do you need to know about selling into their respective markets?

To answer this, we have provided a complete list of countries that have a dedicated eBay website, covering key information and advice for each.

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eBay Australia (

Selling on eBay Australia

As the fifth largest economy in the Asia-Pacific region and the 13th largest in the world, Australia is a favourable market for sellers wanting to expand internationally.

You only have to look at how much they spend online purchasing from overseas retailers - A$6.4 billion – to understand how big the opportunity is for cross-border trade in this market. Impressively, 66% of online shoppers in Australia made an international purchase in the past six months alone.

What’s more, eBay is ranked as the top international site in Australia, with consumers even preferring to buy from UK and US-based sellers.

As great as that all is, however, there are certain challenges that come with selling into this market, the largest being that the closest cities are approximately 24 hours away from the UK by plane. This makes delivery a key factor to consider.

Now while this means it’s almost impossible to offer next-day delivery, you should be aware that Australian consumers do still value choice when it comes to delivery options, i.e. speed and traceability.

Geographical distance aside, the fact that we share a common language does eliminate the need for translation costs, which is a particular advantage when it comes to listing directly on eBay Australia. That said, you should still consider language variations in your listings.

For more guidance on selling into Australia, including information about tax, customs and item restrictions, make sure you check out the Department for International Trade's Exporting to Australia Guide.

You should also be aware that, as of July 2018, businesses selling goods into Australia will be required to charge goods and services tax (GST) on goods valued at less than A$1,000. You can learn more about these new rules here.

eBay Austria (

Selling on eBay Austria

Not only is Austria home to over five million online shoppers, it is also one of the easiest countries to deliver to worldwide, thanks to its extremely well-developed infrastructure. This is a huge selling point for sellers looking to expand into the Austrian market.

One point worth mentioning is that as Austrian consumers are used to purchasing from international retailers, they do tend to be more flexible when it comes to delivery times. That said, in return they expect extremely high-quality customer service in their local language.

With respect to popular product categories in this market, fashion and electronics lead the way, followed by home & garden, health & beauty, toys and lifestyle products. That's not to say that other items won't be successful, you will just need to do thorough market research to see what's popular and in high demand.

For step-by-step guidance on finding profitable products to sell online, take a look at this.

eBay Belgium (

Selling on eBay Belgium

If you're looking for ideas on which European eBay markets to sell into, Belgium is definitely one worth considering. After all, 68% of Belgian consumers shop across the border, with the Netherlands, Germany and UK cited as the top three favoured online shopping destinations.

Now while that in itself is a big enough reason to sell into Belgium, the fact that eBay has a strong presence in this market provides you with an even greater opportunity to reach Belgian consumers.

Besides the language barrier, there are few challenges for selling into Belgium, although one worth noting is the fragmented market. Specifically, Belgium has two official languages - Dutch and French - depending on the region, which is why eBay operate two separate Belgium sites - a French version and Dutch version.

This is certainly something you will need to consider before selling into this market through eBay, and you will more specifically need to do research to determine whether it's a good fit for your business.

Find out more about doing business in Belgium, with the DIT's export guide.

eBay Canada (

Selling on eBay Canada

Canadians are amongst the most prolific cross-border purchasers worldwide, with as many as 67% of online orders coming from international retailers. Given that the Canadian eCommerce market is worth an estimated $18 billion, there is a huge opportunity for UK sellers to succeed in this market.

Similar to many other overseas markets, clothing tends to amongst the most popular products ordered online in Canada, followed by books, electronics and household goods.

It can also be easy to forget that both English and French are official languages in Canada, with territories such as Quebec officially speaking French. This is incredibly important when selling into this market, and is why eBay do in fact operate both an English Canadian site and French Canadian eBay site.

There are also different tax structures across Canada, which you will need to familiarise yourself with before selling into this market. More information on tax, as well as legal considerations, customs regulations and product restrictions, can be found in the DIT's Canadian Export Guide.

eBay China (

Selling on eBay China

Worth an incredible $750 billion, China is the largest eCommerce market in the world, making it one worth considering as part of your cross-border selling strategy.

In 2016, 15% of the Chinese population – that’s over 200 million people – purchased goods from abroad, spending an average of $473 each on cross-border purchases. That in itself is a huge opportunity that can’t be ignored.

Interestingly, 61% of all Chinese consumers shopping internationally are doing so through an online marketplace, mainly purchasing goods such as cosmetics and baby products, although other categories are of course popular.

When it comes to selling into China, if you list directly on, you will need to enlist the services of a translation provider such as WebInterpret, to ensure your listings are translated and localised to meet the needs of the Chinese market. Alternatively, you could consider simply offering international postage to China on your domestic listings, in order to test the market.

Learn more about selling into China with the DIT’s Chinese export guide.

eBay France (

Selling on eBay France

With an eCommerce market worth over €70 billion, not to mention it's close proximity to the UK, France is a great country to sell into. 

As an eBay seller, it's worth keeping in mind that the eBay marketplace is amongst the top five eCommerce sites in France, making it a great place to start if you're looking to expand into this market. What's also worth noting is that 29% of the population shop from UK retailers, highlighting the significant opportunity.

There are other benefits to selling into France, including low product return rates and access to neighbouring French-speaking countries, including Belgium and Switzerland. That said, there are number of consumer expectations you will need to meet - or better, exceed - in order to be successful in this market. These include offering different delivery options, as well as local-language listings.

With regards to popular cross-border purchases, technical products, cultural products, clothing and toys & games all lead the way.

To learn more about the French eCommerce market, including tips, best practices and other popular marketplaces, have a read of our dedicated French eCommerce article.

eBay Germany (

Selling on eBay Germany

Not only is the German eCommerce market one of the largest in the world - worth an estimated €71 billion - it is also a lucrative market to sell into, thanks to its well-developed infrastructure and the fact that over a third of all online consumers shop across borders.

What's better is that as with many other European markets, German consumers primarily look to the UK, US and France when purchasing from international retailers. That opens up a huge opportunity for your business.

So, what sells well in Germany?

Clothing, books, home electronics, cosmetics, sporting goods and homeware are amongst some of the most popular product categories in this market.

Regardless of what you sell, if you're listing directly to, or selling into Germany through another marketplace, you will need to translate and localise your listings into German. While this does incur a cost, it's worth keeping in mind that neighbouring countries Austria and Switzerland also speak this language.

Find out more about selling in Germany, including a list of alternative German marketplaces to eBay.

eBay Ireland (

eBay Ireland

Interestingly, Ireland has the highest percentage of cross-border shoppers than any other country worldwide, with as many as 81% of the population having purchased from an international retailer in the past year.

Thanks to its close geographical proximity, shared language and cultural similarities, Ireland is an attractive export market for UK sellers, which is supported further by the fact that Irish consumers largely buy from British retailers.

A few additional things to be aware of is that consumers in this market tend to favour fashion and health & beauty products when purchasing across borders, although once again that's not to say other product categories aren't popular.

Like with most international markets, some of the biggest concerns Irish consumers have when purchasing oversees include a lack of trust in foreign sites, data protection and returns policies. This is why it can be beneficial to sell into this market through an online marketplace such as eBay.

For further information on exporting into Ireland, read the DIT's full country guide.

eBay Italy (

eBay Italy

Compared to other European countries, the Italian eCommerce market is still relatively undeveloped, resulting in a higher percentage of consumers looking to international retailers for products that aren’t available in their domestic market.

In fact, as many as 48% of consumers have purchased from an overseas retailer in the past year alone, with a further 24% of those buying from UK merchants.

If you're wondering which products sell well in Italy, according to eBay's latest seller snapshot report, the biggest product category is clothes, shoes & accessories (26%), followed by home & garden (24.1%), electronics (24%), parts & accessories (8.7%), collectables (6.2%), lifestyle (5.7%), business & industrial (2.8%) and media (2.5%).

Italian consumers do tend to have a high expectation for delivery options, with as many as 63% citing free delivery as a key factor in their purchasing decision. This is certainly something worth bearing in mind if you wish to sell into this market.

For tax and customs considerations in Italy, as well as relevant legal information, make sure you consult the DIT’s trade and export guide.

eBay Hong Kong (

eBay Hong Kong

While in-store shopping is still the preferred outlet amongst consumers in Hong Kong, the popularity of online eCommerce sites in this market is on the rise, with an increase in online sales across almost all product categories. In fact, as many as 88% of consumers in this market made at least one online purchase in the past year.

Although online marketplaces such as Alibaba's Taobao and Tmall lead the way in Hong Kong, eBay is still a popular site amongst consumers in Hong Kong and acts as a great platform for reaching buyers in this market, especially if you're already selling domestically on the marketplace.

With regards to what shoppers in Hong Kong are buying online, the most popular product categories include fashion, books, sporting goods, lifestyle goods, consumer electronics, beauty & wellness goods and food & beverage.

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when selling into Hong Kong is to confuse it with the Chinese market. Taxes, customs and legal considerations are all very different in Hong Kong, as is consumer behaviour, which is why you should read the country’s respective export guide before selling into this market.  

eBay Malaysia (

eBay Malaysia

In the past few years, consumer expenditure in Malaysia has increased steadily in line with the country's economic growth, with 97% of consumers having previously shopped online

Perhaps more importantly, as much as 40% of all Malaysian eCommerce is cross-border, which highlights a huge opportunity for sellers looking to expand into this country. 

This is likely due to the unserved demand for broader product selection in Malaysia. Ultimately, however, the country's growing middle-class, healthy economy and developing digital landscape are all key drivers for international commerce.

Apparel, beauty, electronics, media products and food & beverage goods are some of the most popular categories for cross-border trade.

Finally, one consideration to keep in mind when selling into this market is the general concern around payment security, which is why you will need to sell through a trusted marketplace such as eBay - a popular site in Malaysia - or alternatively use a recognised and secure global card payment processor.

Learn more about selling into Malaysia with the Department for International Trade's eCommerce guide

eBay Netherlands (

eBay Netherlands

Thanks to its close geographical proximity, well-developed infrastructure and a population used to shopping cross-border, the Netherlands is a good potential market for British merchants. 

Specifically, 37% of Dutch consumers already shop internationally, with the UK, US, China, Germany and Belgium being the top five most popular shopping destinations for cross-border purchases.

With this in mind, if you're looking to sell into the Dutch market, is one of the country's top online retailers, making it a great platform for reaching customers in the Netherlands.

That said, regardless of whether you list directly on or sell through your own webstore, many Dutch consumers do prefer to shop online in their native language, despite many of them being fluent in English. For this reason you will be required to use local language listings when selling into the Netherlands. 

For further guidance on selling into the country, take a look at this dedicated export guide for UK sellers.

eBay Philippines (

eBay Philippines

While the development of eCommerce in the Philippines has certainly been slower than other Asian countries, online shopping amongst Filipino consumers is now on the rise, with an eCommerce market that's set to reach $19 billion by 2025. 

Due to the country's lack of secure payment facilities, online marketplaces tend to be popular outlets for online shopping. As eBay is one of the major eCommerce players in the Philippines, in order to sell into this market you should consider either listing directly to, or making your domestic listings available to Filipino shoppers.

What's more is that Filipino shoppers are amongst the most receptive to cross-border trade, with as many as 61% of consumers in the Philippines having made a purchase from an overseas retailer in the past six months.

To learn more about selling into this country, make sure you take a look at the DIT's trade and export guide.

eBay Poland (

eBay Poland

In 2016, Poland was Europe’s fastest growing eCommerce market, having experienced 25% growth since 2015, with a current value of €10 billion.

Despite the percentage of Polish consumers shopping internationally being lower than other global markets, 48% of the population still currently do and as many as 52% of those who haven’t plan to in the near future.

If you’re wondering whether your product will be a good fit for the Polish eCommerce market, the three most common product categories for cross-border sales are clothing & footwear, home furnishings and car accessories.

As with any international market, there are certain regulations to selling into Poland, which you will need to familiarise yourself with before exporting into the country.

eBay Singapore (

eBay Singapore

Along with Malaysia, Singapore represents one of the two largest eCommerce markets in southeast Asia, with an estimated current value of $3.3 biilion

What's more is that 55% of Singaporeans shop from international retailers, resulting in a cross border eCommerce market worth $1.2bn, with consumers opting for fashion, beauty, electronics, media and food & beverage products. That said, it is anticipated that online sales of furniture and homeware goods will increase significantly in the next five years, something worth keeping in mind if you are a retailer in this vertical.

Another good reason for selling into this market is due to the fact that Singapore is one of the only countries in South East Asia to use English as a working language, eliminating any language barriers.

eBay itself is a popular marketplace in Singapore, making it a great platform for reaching consumers in this market. For more information on selling into this country, including taxes and customs, you should consult the DIT's export guide

eBay Spain (

Selling on eBay Spain

With an eCommerce market worth €18.2 billion, not to mention the fact that 63% of Spanish consumers have purchased from overseas retailers in the past year, Spain could be an ideal destination for your international business. 

eCommerce itself isn't as well developed in Spain, especially when compared with other European markets, however online marketplaces such as eBay does have a significant presence across the country. 

Spain further differs in the fact that unlike many of eBay's other international sites, Electronics is the most popular product category on, followed closely by clothes, shoes & accessories, home & garden, collectables, lifestyle goods and parts & accessories. 

While you will need to translate and localise your listings if selling directly on, Spanish is one of the widest spoken languages worldwide, making it even easier to reach Latin American consumers.

Find out more about selling into this market with the DIT's Spanish export guide.

eBay Switzerland (

eBay Switzerland

Not only do 61% of Swiss consumers make purchases overseas, but the UK is actually one of the favoured destinations for cross-border sales in Switzerland.

Interestingly, Switzerland is also one of the top countries for high-value purchases of over €100, which correlates with the countries higher level of consumer income. Swiss consumers do, however, typically expect free postage when buying from overseas retailers.

One of the biggest challenges when selling into this country comes down to the fact that they have three official languages - German, Italian and French. While uses the German language, you should keep in mind that many Swiss consumers aren't actually fluent in German and may therefore opt to use a different eBay site, or not use eBay altogether. 

While clothing and footwear is a popular cross-border eCommerce purchase in all international markets, Swiss consumers actually buy more of these goods that the global average. Other popular categories include consumer electronics, books, health & beauty, toys, sports & leisure and home & garden goods.

eBay Taiwan (

eBay Taiwan

Taiwan has one of the highest eCommerce penetration rates in the world, with 62% of the population having already purchased goods online and 84.3% expressing their willingness to buy from international merchants.

While China, Japan and the US are the leading markets for cross-border shopping amongst Taiwanese consumers, there is still a huge opportunity to reach this market. After all, cross-border eCommerce in Taiwan is growing year-on-year, opening up global opportunities.

If you’re wondering what sells well in Taiwan, clothing and accessories, electronic products, books and cosmetics are most commonly purchased from overseas retailers. More specifically, there is a huge market for youth fashion, with an increasing demand for contemporary menswear and ladies-wear, as well as premium accessories and sportswear.

For tax and customs considerations, make sure you consult the DIT’s Taiwan trade and export guide.

eBay Thailand (

eBay Thailand

The Thai eCommerce market has experienced steady growth in the past few years, and while it is still in it’s early stages, valued at around $0.9 billion, it is expected to reach $11.1 billion by 2025. That in itself opens up a huge opportunity for cross-border trade.

Stats aside, the demand for international products already exists, with 64% of online shoppers having made a recent purchase from a retailer outside of Thailand.

Despite Lazada being the country’s leading marketplace, Thailand has maintained its position as eBay largest market in Southeast Asia, making it a great platform to sell on to reach Thai consumers.

There are, however, still many barriers that come with Thai cross-border eCommerce, including customs duties and taxes, as well as long and costly shipping. For further insight into this, make sure you have a read of this guide.

eBay UK (

eBay UK

The UK is the third largest eCommerce market in the world, with online sales exceeding £133 billion and over 87% of the population shopping online.

But with such a well-developed domestic market, how many shoppers are looking overseas for their products?

Well, in 2016 alone, British shoppers spent £7.7 billion online from overseas retailers, an increase of £1 billion when compared to 2015. That is a huge rise in the number of customers shopping abroad, opening up some pretty big opportunities for international merchants wanting to reach British consumers.

Like the vast majority of other countries, clothing & footwear is the most popular product category on eBay UK, followed by electronics, home & garden, collectables. Parts & accessories and lifestyle goods.

eBay itself has significant market share in the United Kingdom, making it a great option to consider if you’re looking to reach more British consumers. Whether you’re already selling on eBay or not, find out everything you need to know about selling on the marketplace here.

eBay US (

eBay US

When it comes to eBay’s worldwide sites, is certainly the largest in their rather extensive portfolio, with 107 million unique monthly website visitors.

While this in itself is a major reason to sell on eBay’s US marketplace, another reason is that more and more Americans are actually turning to online marketplaces such as eBay to begin their product searches. That and the fact that they spend over $360 billion every year on online purchases and that there are no language barriers.

Now while many US consumers do shop within the borders, 32% of the population (read: around 100 million shoppers) are actively buying from international sellers, making it a market worth setting your sights on.

If you’re based in the UK, China, Canada, Japan or Germany, the good news is that these countries are amongst the most popular for cross-border purchases, meaning America could be a great fit for your business.

Additionally, there are a number of reasons why US-based shoppers will look to buy from overseas sellers, including better prices, unique products, greater choice and in some cases, better quality.

Something else worth being aware of is that half of all cross-border shoppers in the US and Canada expect their goods to be delivered within 4-5 days. This means that fast delivery should be a key focus if selling into this market.

eBay Vietnam (

eBay Vietnam

Impressively, Vietnam is dubbed to become the next global eCommerce powerhouse, thanks to its huge potential for growth and online shopping adoption amongst Vietnamese consumers.

While the country has had its fair share of barriers for cross-border eCommerce – poor infrastructure, the high cost of logistics and online payment concerns – in 2016 Vietnam signed, implemented and negotiated 16 Free Trade Agreements (FTAs), creating favourable conditions for cross-border trade.

What’s more, there is actually a stronger preference for foreign brands than domestic ones, with 45% having purchased products online from foreign countries, and 33% making an international purchase at least once a year. 

Before exporting to Vietnam, make sure you read this Vietnamese trade and export guide.

International allowances for shop subscribers

If you are a UK Featured or Anchor Shop subscriber, you will get inclusive Good ‘Til Cancelled and 30-day listings in the following 13 countries - Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Switzerland and the United States.

In addition to this, you can also benefit from the same allowances as sellers with eBay shops in the above countries, at no extra cost, when selling into these markets. You can learn more here.

eBay Global Shipping Program 

While we provide more detail about eBay’s Global Shipping Program in our cross-border trade opportunities article, you should bear in mind that there is the option to fulfil certain overseas orders through eBay’s own fulfilment service – eBay GSP.

That said, this option is limited to the following countries when shipping from the UK:

eBay GSP Countries

While eBay isn’t the only route into any of the listed countries, its global reach and active customer base in almost every country worldwide, makes it an ideal marketplace to support your international growth plans.

Now even though the countries mentioned above have their own eBay site, eBay does also offer a buying-only version of their site to the following countries:

International eBay Countries

Do, however, keep in mind that in order to sell to buyers within these countries, you will need to offer international postage for these countries on your domestic listings.

Ultimately, wherever you sell you products there are certain best practices you will need to follow in order to increase the visibility of your eBay listings and maximise your sales

You can also learn more about growing a successful eBay business in our dedicated guide.

Finally, it's worth mentioning that when you expand to more than one eBay site, you're going to need robust eBay inventory management software in place to synchronise your stock levels, increase your efficiency and prevent eBay account suspension. 

Complete list of international eBay sites

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