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IRCE - Linnworks takes Chicago!

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Running from the 10th to the 13th of June at McCormick Place West in Chicago, the IRCE is ‘The world’s largest E-Commerce event’. As part of the lead up to launching the Linn Systems US office, our Head of Business Development, Artem Verovenko headed a team travelling across the Atlantic to bring Linnworks to the New World!

From the moment the doors opened, the hall was busy, and the Linnworks team attracted interest from both Attendees and Exhibitors, eager to see what we had to offer. Knowing that it never hurts to take a little something extra, we took chocolate! If the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, might it be a way to encourage hard-nosed businessmen to give a new player a chance as we look to expand our foothold on the American continent?

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With our new look stand, confectionery and boundless enthusiasm, we were ready and waiting for the first attendees. With a steady level of interest throughout all 3 days, we met some old friends, and many new customers and partners - all wanting to work with Linnworks.

While it was a busy time, our team had sacrificed their love of the beautiful game to be in Chicago, as the World Cup started while they were there. Luckily another vendor, from South America, made sure the opening game and ceremonies were on their big screen, and all was right in the world for the universal love of football (or should that be soccer?).

After packing away the stand, packing and braving the airlines back, our team returned to the office a week later, tired but unbowed. To all our new American friends, welcome to Linnworks. We’re looking forward to meeting more of you, and to helping your eCommerce businesses to become more successful. Here’s to a successful 2014, and onward to 2015!

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