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Launch of Linnworks User Spotlight


We want to know your story

Being a business owner is hard work! But being an eCommerce business owner takes a titanic effort. The countless late nights, untaken holidays and mad rushes to get orders ready before the postman comes take their toll. So at Linnworks we want to highlight all those businesses who have worked tirelessly to turn their inspiration into a success.

We are looking for the most interesting and successful businesses

Every Linnworks customer has their own story, and we want to share that story with the world.  But we know that no-one knows your business better than you, so that’s why we need your help!

What are the prizes?

Successful entrants will receive a free expertly written article about the business. Along with the article, which we will share with the world, all selected entrants will receive an exclusive piece of artwork that they can feature on their website, blog, brochures or even their car bumper - literally anywhere they want.

The best entrants will also be in contention for further prizes including a free Linnworks Professional Subscription, Amazon vouchers and more exclusive prizes to be announced. 

What do you need to do?

Very simple, we have put together a list of 10 questions to help us understand your business. All you need to do is follow the button below, tell us about your business and if successful we will get straight to work on your article.

Questions Here 

We look forward to your submissions and finding out more about your businesses.

To be eligible for the prizes, submissions must be completed by the 14th of September.

Hints, Tips & Advice

  • Be Creative – think about what makes your business amazing and tell us about it.
  • Be Honest – no need to embellish or exaggerate, we want to know the true story behind your business.
  • Be Ready – we believe these articles are going to increase sales for everyone involved. So be ready for all those new orders you get. 
  • Be Original – got a video to show off your business? Or a great image to sum it up? Make sure you send it to us and we will be happy to include it in the article.
  • Be Fun – this doesn’t need to be the most serious business profile ever. Just make sure it's interesting.

If you have any questions about the contest, get in touch with us in the office or email who will be more than happy to help.


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