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Linn Academy 2014 - The Linnworks Workshop

Linnworks Workshop

The Linn Academy is on the road once again, and this time you can be one of the first to see the latest version of Linnworks –

Meet the team behind Linnworks, including Fedor, our founder.

Find out what is hot in eCommerce, see the latest features of the system, and get answers to your questions from leading members of the team.

eBay and Royal Mail will also be attending the workshop.

Spaces at Linn Academy are limited, so don’t miss your spot and book your place now.





Manchester: 12th November 2014

Reading: 13th November 2014

The Agenda

What’s hot in Ecommerce

Artem will be presenting you with the latest news and facts about the world of eCommerce.

The CBT Wizard – Get your listings international

Nathan will be presenting Linnworks' latest CBT wizard, he will demonstrate how simple it is to translate your listings using machine and human translation services.

Guest Speakers: Royal Mail & eBay (TBC)

Guest speakers from Royal Mail and eBay

This is the Future:

See the future of Linnworks-, the true cloud-based web version. You will be some of the first people to see the new service as Fedor demonstrates the new web based solution.

Shipping Allocation and Variations

Mark Aldous will show you the latest features of Linnworks and how they can benefit your online business.

Linnworks announcements: Event Dispatcher/ Local & Desktop

Fed will announce changes to the sync feature, and how the Event Despatcher has improved the way we talk to the channels.

The future of Linnworks Local and Desktop will also be discussed and any questions you have answered.



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