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What you missed at the Linn Academy 2014

Linn Academy

Firstly, thank you to everyone who attended the Linn Academy 2014, we had such a great time and had received some truly wonderful feedback.

“I have never been to one of these but found it very useful!!! It was good to also have some people from the likes of Royal Mail and eBay attend.”

“It was brilliant from the ground up. The staff were friendly, approachable, knowledgeable and amusing.”

“The casual nature of the workshop was appreciated. The Hoodie is great (still wearing it every day since the workshop). The was very interesting to hear about.”

“Fedor's presentation was especially illuminating - insightful, astonishingly frank and especially good natured and amusing.”

So if you did attend, share your experiences using the Hashtag: #LinnAcademy

We know that not everyone could make the event, tickets had sold out and there is also the busy build up to the Xmas period. Well don't worry if you did miss the event, we've recorded them especially for you! (and the guys who attended and wanted to re-live the fun)

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