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Linn Academy 2015 – Highlights Video

Last week, we hosted our 3rd annual Linn Academy event. Inviting over 200 Linnworks users over 2 days across 2 stunning venues. The Linnworks team have never before had a chance to meet face-to-face with so many Linnworks customers.

Starting off at the Microsoft HQ in Reading and concluding at Old Trafford Cricket Ground in Manchester, the Linnworks team welcomed 98/130 respectively of the Linnworks community to the most momentous events in the company’s history.

What happened on the day?

For those who missed the event, the video below will give you a sneak peak of what you missed:

The rest of the talks were recorded and will be released very soon. Make sure you check back to our blog to see them. 


The events started with Artem on the history of Linnworks and the story so far, Chris from Tamebay spoke to us on the upcoming trends on marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay and what to expect from Christmas 2015. Then Jodi from ReplyManager taught us the importance of looking after our prospects and customers and how to make sure they always remember the great service they received from your business.

The highlight of the day

After a quick break and light refreshments. Linn Systems CEO and Linnworks System Architect Fedor took to the stage to officially soft-launch A brand new browser-based system combining the power and functionality of Linnworks Desktop with the ease-of-use and accessibility of a browser-based system. For more information on and the soft-launch that took place last week, take a look here at our official announcement.

Following on from Fedor was our Linnworks API Developer and App Specialist Alex Connolly who spoke to the crowd about how was now more customisable than Linnworks Desktop ever was, with the introduction of the Linnworks Application Store. The Application store allows developers to create apps that compliment and extend the functionality of and allows customers to customise the system to perfectly suit their requirements.

Shipping, Listing and Adverts

After an outstanding lunch, attendees were treated to an afternoon of thought-provoking talks on the changes in and how to get the most out of selling online. First off, Mark took delegates through the updates to the shipping gateway and the very exciting Virtual Printer. Then Mike and Max from Rakuten explained what was happening at one of the fastest-growing most exciting marketplaces in the UK at the moment.

The Linn Academy team were then excited to welcome Suran and Vajinder from Google who explained to the delegates how to make the most out of their online selling with the use of PPC and increasing brand exposure, they then invited Tejas from eBusiness Guru to the stage to offer some tips on implementing this either independently or with the help of an agency.

To close the show, Richard from the Linnworks Implementation team demonstrated the new Listing tools and showed a range of best practice and how-to’s when creating listings using the system.

A great success and so many thank you’s

After both events were done and dusted there was universal agreement between every Linn Academy team member that the week had been a great success. We know these events would not have been possible without a long list of people who helped us so we would like to pass our thanks to:
  • Our guest speakers: Tamebay, ReplyManager, Rakuten and Google
  • The outstanding venues: Microsoft HQ and Old Trafford Cricket Ground
  • All of our amazing goodies suppliers
  • And finally:

Our astonishingly committed and enthusiastic customers who give us the energy to keep going and provide the high-quality system you all want and deserve.


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