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Linnworks Release DHL Integration


The Linnworks team are excited to announce the release of our brand new DHL Global Mail Integration. By adding DHL Global Mail to our ever expanding list of supported shipping couriers, we can offer more options to online sellers than ever before. 

By using the DHL Global Mail,  you can assign shipping (manually or automatically), print shipping labels and file manifests all from one system, saving countless man-hours and resource costs, while eliminating human error. For more information on how you can integrate with DHL just follow the link below.

   DHL How-To Here        

Saving time assigning shipping

Linnworks has a range of tools to help online sellers save time and money, by automating the labour intensive task of assigning and managing shipping. By using tools such as the Rules Engine, Shipping Mapping or Customisation, Linnworks users can set Linnworks to manage their shipping providers. For more information on how to set this up for yourself, just follow the links above.

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