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Linnworks App - LinnDash for Apple

LinnDash Linnworks Anywhere is designed around the idea that as long as you have a PC or other Windows device with Linnworks on, you can access your business' data. Now, thanks to one of our partners, Boluga, you can even get access to this information on your mobile phone or tablet!

Designed for iOS devices, Linndash offers you the ability to keep track of your sales via a comprehensive dashboard view. With statistics for the last 24 hours and 7 days, it will also compare these figures to the previous equivalent time period, to show the contrast, and the growth that has occurred.

LinnDash - Screenshot 1 LinnDash - Screenshot 2 LinnDash - Screenshot 3


LinnDash doesn't just track your Overall Sales total, it looks at the number of Orders, Average Order Value, percentage of orders per sales channel and many other details. It shows you what your best selling products are, and allows you to view the last 24 hours or 7 days of orders, too.

Setting up LinnDash

In order to work with Linnworks, LinnDash needs an API Access Key that is specific to your Linnworks Anywhere account. When LinnDash first runs you are presented with the Settings screen; here you can either enter your API Access Key directly, or have LinnDash generate it for you.

To generate an API Access Key, simply enter your Linnworks account details using the same Username and Password you use to login to your account on the Linnworks website. LinnDash will automatically generate and save your API Access Key. When this has been completed, you will be redirected to the LinnDash Dashboard where your information will begin to be downloaded.

If you wish to change your settings in the future, the Settings screen can be accessed via the cog button in the top left of the LinnDash side menu.

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