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Linnworks Application Store Hits 50 Apps

18 months ago we unveiled one of the most exciting developments in Linnworks' history - the Linnworks Application Store. Since making our API available to external developers, our Order Management System has been able to support 3rd party applications, each designed to augment, extend and refine our already extensive functionality.

98db4608-985f-4b15-9ef5-d726b53c56d2.jpgWell, a year and a half later we are excited to announce that the Application Store has just added its 50th application and shows no signs of slowing down. With a huge range of applications available to assist online sellers with customer communication, shipping services, website & marketplace integrations and accountancy features, along with much more, the Linnworks Application Store has grown to become a key feature in the ever-impressive repertoire of Linnworks.

After hitting this recent milestone, we thought we would highlight the five applications with the highest installations, to give you an idea of what's available. 

1. eBay Pricing Application (544 Installations) 


The eBay Pricing application is designed to help eBay sellers sell more on the marketplace. By directly comparing listings and ensuring that they are of the highest quality possible, the eBay Pricing Application is a key tool when looking to grow your sales on eBay. Find out more here.

Developed by 2LegsBad

 2. XSellCo Fusion (365 installations) 

XSellcoFusion-Logo.pngA dedicated customer communication tool, XSellco Fusion provides you with the tools and information you need to communicate directly with your customers. This helps you to provide amazing customer service at all times, with a range of tools to ensure your response times are kept to a minimum. Find out more here.

Developed by XSellco

3. Stockwise (320 installations)

StockWise_logo.pngUse Stockwise to manage all aspects of your warehouse without being tied to a computer. Edit inventory items, perform stock counts and manage your purchase orders efficiently from a mobile device. With support for phones, tablets and Android-powered scan guns, Stockwise is the ultimate mobile tool for your warehouse. Find out more here.

Developed by Rigidas

4. Warehouse Plus  (271 installations) 

Warehouse Plus_Logo.jpgWarehouse Plus lets you do all of the Linnworks tasks you could want, with nothing more than the smartphone already in your pocket. Check & update your orders, create POs, book in stock – and now pick, pack and dispatch your orders from your Smartphone. Don’t put off or forget things, use Warehouse Plus there and then. Find out more here

 Developed by eBusiness Guru

5.LinnKwik (141 installations) 


With LinnKwik, your business is never any further than the smartphone in your pocket. Powerful, intuitive reporting tools let you see the orders your team are processing, as well as channel sales and product sales figures. Customise reports to get a clearer view of your sales, and identify strengths and weaknesses your team may have missed. Find out more here.

Developed by eBusiness Guru

With over 50 apps to choose from, there is something for every Linnworks customer in the application store. With new applications being added all the time, I strongly advise that you check it out!

If you are new to Linnworks and would like to learn more about how Linnworks and its Application Store can help your business, book a demo with one of our team and they will be happy to answer any questions you have. 

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